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SMS CHARI BOOKS WILL BE MAILED / GIVEN in NY/NJ 600th ahobila celebration

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Fri Aug 21 1998 - 02:23:08 PDT

Dear devotees,

I have only got the 'fundamentals of visistadvaita - based on tattva mukta
kalapa'.  The other book has not arrived yet.  I will be enquiring
information regarding how much it costs to mail it to international
locations soon.

adiyen Krishna

THe following is the list of folks from whom I have received the checks :

Ramagopal Mudumbi  
Ramkumar T. Gopalaswamy (nj)
Arun Kumar Sridharan
Diwar Kannan
Anand Karalapakkam
Chatari Ramesh
Hassan Srinidhi

I will start mailing the books from 1st week of sept after the Sri Ahobila
Mutt celebrations, since I am changing my job this week.  I will be
relatively free to do mailing work just after labour day weekend. I


Krishna Kalale