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Fwd: thanthanan thanathAL nizhaLE - part 2
Date: Fri Aug 21 1998 - 11:17:21 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,
I am forwrding  thanthanan thanathAL nizhaLE - part 2 as requested by Sri
Sampath Rengarajan
Anbil Ramaswamy

attached mail follows:

Subject: thanthanan thanathAL nizhaLE - part 2

desikan sannithi:

Rengarajan:  Let  me  tell   now   about
perumAL's   perumai.  Among  all   divya
desams  thiru viNNagaram or Srivaikundam
is  the  name given to only one ksEthram
and  this  is such. perumAL is appearing
in  kalyAnakk kOlam with Sri boomi  devi
thAyar. The vimanam is sudda sathvam  as
similar  to  Srivaikundam. Nowhere  else
this can be found. perumAL's name itself
is than oppAr illappan. The Lord who has
no comparison and match.

More than 40 pasurams are delivered  for
this divya dEsam by 4 AzhwArs. This Lord
is  considered as the elder  brother  of
ninrAn arangan (thirup pathi) and  hence
all  the prayers offered to thirup pathi
are  accepted by Oppiliappan as well and
not  vice versa. This is one reason that
when one talk maximum number of visitors
etc   one   must  know.  The  point   in
comparing how many visited at one  place
is countered when the Lord in that divya
dEsam can be seen here as well.

This  whole  place is known  as  thulasi
vanam.  Only nitya suris do vAsam  here.
Our  nAttARu  is the vraja  river.  Even
Ganga and other punniya rivers come here
to  get  used for Lord's thiru  manjanam
such that the deposits of sins that they
relived from so may dipping in them, can
be  cleansed  here. All the  33000  kOdi
devas  and  others may  have  gone  else
where worshipping the Lord. But they all
come  here as the theertthams  here  are
considered  to cleanse the sin  of  even
dEvas and sillarai dEvathAs.

Why all these.

The lord here is also appearing in thiru
vikrama  avathAram as boomi devi  thAyar
and  mArkandEya  maharishi  appears   in
front of his kalyAna kOlam.

Coming  to AzhwAr pAsurams, Many AzhwArs
have   surrendered  in  so  many   divya
dEsams.   If  we  donot  know  what   is
conveyed  precisely in  these  pasurams,
what   is  the  use  of  reviving  these
pasurams   through   Sriman   nAthamuni.
Everyone  says nammaAzhwAr did  prapatti
at thiruvEngadam and We all knew that he
did  so  in  some other divya dEsams  as
well.  In  order  for us  to  learn  the
pasurams  thoroughly we must learn  some
fundamentals  that  were  researched  by
poorvAchAryALs  and  conveyed  regarding
these   pasurams.  Let  me  attempt   to
present some of them.

Sri   boomidEvi  thAyAr    samEtha   Sri
thanthanan thanathAL  nizhaLE saranam

Sampath Rengarajan

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