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Re: Question : "shaTa-kopa"

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Aug 21 1998 - 10:43:58 PDT

Dear Sriman Gopalaswamy :

SaTha means  the saTha vaayu or Satha breath 
and not cunning . kOpA means anger and 
hence the compounded name of SathakOpA  
means one who was angry at Satha 
vaayu and drove it away by a hUnkAram ,
while he was in his mother's womb .

Why is this Satha Vaayu bad for the AzhwAr to 
be angry at it ? This Vaayu is considered 
responsbile for Transmigratory births even
while a child is in the womb of its mother .
Azhwaar is credited with the conquest of this 
Vaayu and thereby put an end to the cycle of 
transmigratory births . He was a muktha Jivan
and had incarnated to bless us with his Sri Sookthis 
to liberate us .He would have not put up
with the Satha Vaayu and its chEshtais .

Being blessed to bear his name , thanks to the foresight 
of my parents , I am happy to be the first one to answer 
your question on this important point .

My name was given to me because I was born in 
Kettai nakshthram , which is the constellation 
under which the First AhObila Matam Jeeyar ,
Sri Adhi VaNN SatakOpa Jeeyar was born . I asked my 
father for having chosen this name for me and he 
gave me the above explanation . I Knew one
SangItha VidvAn by the Name , Sri V.V.Sadagopan ,
who used "d" and "g" in spelling his name .
I adopted it as a  boy and that is why I spell 
my name as " Sadagopan " instead of " SathakOpan "as 
it should be spelled .

Satha also means inertia and SathakOpan means ,
the One who conquered inertia that prevents one
from seeking the lotus feet of the SarvalOka 
SaraNyan .One who is active can therfore be also
called SathagOpan as one , who is angry at inertia .
This is a loukhika explanation .


At 12:37 PM 8/21/98 -0400, you wrote:
>nammaa.lvaar tiruvaDigaLE sharaNam !
>I remember reading somewhere that "shaTa" means "cunning", and 
>"kopa" means "anger". 
>Curious why namaa.lvaar got the "baddest" name, "shaTa-kopa".