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Re: SrI deSika stotra-s - 11. SrI nyAsa tilakam - Part 1.

From: Ram Gopalaswamy (
Date: Fri Aug 21 1998 - 10:16:34 PDT

"Krishnamachari, N (Krish)" <> wrote:
> [...]
> The only thing that is in between us and SrIviakunTham is the enormous sins
> that we have committed.  The only prAyaScitta that is available to most of
> us for our heaps of sins is prapatti.   The greatness and efficacy of
> prapatti has been taught to us by bhagavAn in His rAma and kr*shNa
> incarnations, and also by the great sages and AcArya-s.   As the first step
> in seeking prapatti, we should seek the protection  of our divine Mother,
> pirATTi, who speaks for us and pleads for us with bhagavAn --tadArambhe
> tasyAh giram avadhAnena manasA akhila nAthasya ekAm ahishIm tAm Sriyam
> prapadye (Slokam 3).  In lakshmi tantra, pirATTi's words to us are:
> "Surrender to Me when you perform the prAyaScitta for your sins".  
> 	"prAyaScitta prasange tu sarva pApa samudbhave          |
> 	  mAm ekAm devadevasya mahishIm saraNam Srayet   ||
> As our divine Mother, She takes the responsibility to plead our case when
> bhagavAn is vexed with our enormous sins.  Without Her pleading our case, we
> have no chance of approaching Him (adhr*shyatvam - non-approachability -
> Slokam 4).
> [...]

I was under the impression that all kaamya-karma (whether puNya or paapa) keep
us away from paraM-dhaama. 

But according to underscored part of the cited message above, it seems like
only paapa keeps us apart from shrii-vaikUNThaM.

It is also interesting that bhagavaan kR^ishhNa , in His carama-shloka,
mentions about paapa only:
 "... ahaM tvaaM sarva-paapebhyaH mokshayishhyaami..."

Also, it is said that after leaving his gross body, jiivaatma cannot cross 
the transcendental "virajaa" river with any trace of karma.

Wonder happens to prapanna's karma-remainder after kR^ishhNa clears 
just jiiva's paapa.

also, wonder what precisely is definition of "puNya" and "paapa".

- Ram