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drAvida sruthi darsanaha - part 4

From: Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Aug 21 1998 - 10:20:46 PDT

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AndAL   saw   this sAArngam Enthiya kOlam
and  sang   "sArngam
uthaittha  sara mazhai pOl" (ie  in  Sri
Rama  avathAram the arrows came  flowing
from  the bow like a rain flow) and such
thought came to HER on seeing this  Lord
SarangapAni alone. If you talk of  thiru
vEngadan,  and nammAzwAr's  refuge,  you
must   know  that  Lord  thiru  vEngadan
HIMself  took refuge here and he  has  a
sannithi  known  as  pAthALa  Srinivasar
sannithi.   This   is  such   sAnnithyam
peRRathu.  Similar  to  srirangam   this
sannithi  is also garlanded  by  kauveri
and ari sol Aru (arasalAru). There is an
implied  reference to this Lord in  daya
sathakam of Swami dEsikan.

          Regarding the faith  of  other
faiths  on this Lord, Sankara  mutt  had
their   head  quarters  here   and   Sri
RagavEndrar is from this place and has a
mutt    here   for   mAdhvaChArya   guru
pArampariyam as well. So we  can  go  on
tail in praise of this Lord. For now, we
are  going  to  the  sannithi  and  have
darshan  of thAyaR AND PERUMaL and  have
their blessings. Let us all join and  do

Sri  Komalavallith  thAyar  samEtha  Sri
Aravamudhan thiru vadikaLE saranam

Sampath Rengarajan

note;  There is a detailed thala puranam
written by adiyen 2 years ago. under the
leadership  of  Sri VS a  home  page  is
being  created  by  adiyEN  for  amuthan
sannithi.  All details will be available
there once it is completed. Readers  may
await for announcement for the same some
time in the next few weeks.