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Re: tiruvengadam

From: sudarshan (
Date: Fri Aug 21 1998 - 09:29:17 PDT

Dear and revered Sri.Anbil Swamy,

Thank you for a most moving account of our dear "tiruvEngada-mudaiyAn". As
a native of Tirupati (and that too one who has recently "returned" like the
proverbial prodigal son to one's own soil) it warms my heart to have
someone sing the praise of our "kula-deivam".

Swami Desikan has very subtly said that when we praise Him and His
divya-desam even at the expense of other "archA-murti-s" at other places,
(as  some of us have good-humouredly done on the list in the past few
weeks) we need have no fear at all of having unwittingly slighted
SriRanganathan or Varadan or Chellapillai. 

It is said in Verse#100 of the Daya-satakam :

"nisseema-vaiBhava-jushAm mishatAm guNAnAm
   sthOtur-dayE vrishagirIsha-guNE-shvarIm tvAm II
thairEva noonam-avasharai-aBhi-nanditam mE
   satyApitham tava balAdakutO-Bhayathvam      II

(My rough gist of the above: "I praise Thee, O Lord of Vrishagiri (O Daya),
I praise Thee full-heartedly in the presence of many other "gunA-s" and
excellences (possessed by other glorious deities) which all pale by
comparison. That I can stand here and render Thee praise in plenary measure
... fearlessly and with impunity (in the assembly of such deities) ... is
it not tribute in itself these other gods pay Thee!")

Food for thought, indeed !