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Re: Number 1 Divya Desam- Tiruvemkatam

From: K V N Gopal (
Date: Thu Aug 20 1998 - 21:02:16 PDT

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998 wrote:

  I have a doubt here..

> The first 4 Avatars (Matsya, Kurma, Varaha and Nrisimha) are deemed to have
> taken place in Krita Yuga; The next 3 Avatars (Vamana, Parasu Rama and Rama)
> in Treta Yuga; The next 2 (Balarama and Krishna) in Dwapara Yuga. The last 1,
> Kalki, the Apocalypse yet to take place in this Kaliyuga in the descending
> order in tune with the length of each yuga. And, the Lord appears in Archa
> Vigraha as Sri Venkateswara till then.
   Eventhough all the dasAvatAra stOtrams give the order as u have
   enumerated, they directly contradict the order as given in srImad
   bhAgavatam - In it the order for the first five is matsya, varAha,
   nArasimha, kUrma, vAmana. And if one examines these one finds that
   in the kUrma avatAra, the king of asurAs is bali (specifically the
   son of virOcana who is the son of prahlAda), and at the beginning
   of the vAmana avatara it is specifically mentioned that bali who
   had died at the hands of indra in the battle after the churning of
   the ocean was brought back to life by SukrAchArya. The same bali
   is the king of asuras when vAmana comes to his sacrifical ceremony.
    Can someone clarify this!

 - gopal