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anyone coming from India?

From: Ramesh Sarangapani (
Date: Thu Aug 20 1998 - 14:43:33 PDT

Dear Friends -
:I have an urgent request with regard to the 600th anniversary 
:of Sri Ahobila Muth in NJ on laborday weekend. I want 25 sets of 
:(utariyam). Although we can buy this in India, we may not be albe to 
:transport them here on time. I would request the bhakti members if they
:know of friends or family members coming to US from India before Sep. 
:first week, to please let me know. Also if you know of shops in
:any major US cities that will have angavastrams, please let me know.
:Thanks in advance for this information.
:Ramesh Sarangapani