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Re: FW: drAvida sruthi darsanaha - part 2

From: K V N Gopal (
Date: Thu Aug 20 1998 - 02:39:44 PDT

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan wrote:

Dear members,

I would like to second the request of Mani to all the members 
to be extremely careful when transliterating Sanskrit words. 
I am disappointed that inspite of the request many posts abound 
in transliteration errors. I wish the writers exercise better care,
particularly when there is an accepted transliteration scheme for
writing Sanskrit words in Roman script.

I would like to offer my apologies if anyone is hurt by the above 
words but I felt it would be for the better, to point these errors.


> > Coming  to puNNya kshEthram, it is  said
               ^^^^^^ puNya

> > in  mnay  purAnams that people  who  are
              ^^^^^^^^ purANams

> > the palan of seeing this lord. Those who
        ^^^^^ phalam

> > This  is  known as bAskara kshEthram  as
                       ^^^^^^^ bhAskara