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Thiruvaaymozhi 9.2- This mahA paavi, wishes to massage Your Lotus Feet!

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 23:42:17 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Last ten verses (9.1), NammAzhwAr explained beautifully the eternal
permanent relationship of Emperumaan to us and none else. In this
Thiruvaaymozhi, he explains the fruit of that realisation of Emperumaan's
relationship with us. AzhwAr pleads for eternal kaimkaryam to the
SarvEshwaran, the Lord of ThiruppuLingudi, who is having His Yoga NithrA. 

1.	BhagawanE! From time immemorial, we are being blessed by You and
Your beloved consort, Periya Piraatti, who sits on the Lotus flower. Hence,
we are indebted to perform kaimkaryam to You both at Divya Desams, and are
doing so generations after generations. We are blessed with that Bhagyam of
doing Great most enjoyable kaimkaryams to You like sweeping the floor and
cleaning at Your Divya sthalams  and are recipients of Your mercy. You
should bless us with Your cool glances for Your Lotus eyes and Your sweet
talk from Your jyOthi swarUpa mouth. Oh Lord of ThiruppuLingudi! Please cast
Your benevolent glances (from those lovely eyes) on me and bless me! 

2.	ThiruppuLingudi is the most fertile and Beautiful place with tall
ramparts and cool greenery fields! Oh BhagawaanE! The One reclines there, at
ThiruppuLingudi! We are Your servants right from our ancestors and their
ancestors; We have been performing kaimkarayams to You alone and are Your
servants alone. (" as also sang by AndAL "uRROmEyaavOm; umakkE naam aat
cheyvOm"). We, thus, do kaimkrayams for You and do not at all leave the
residence from Your Thiruvadis (feet). You extended Your Lotus Feet so big
and so huge to house the entire universe during Your Thrivkrama avtaar.
Please bless me and shower mercy on me by letting me wear Your Golden Lotus
Feet as an ornament to my Head. 

3.	EmperumaanE The One who has His Yoga NithrA at ThiruppuLingudi! How
long You have been having Your Yoga NithrA! (since the very old days till
date). Is Your ThirumEni (Divine Body) not paining with a continuous lying
down posture? Should Your Lotus eyes NOT OPEN and bless us, who are only
Your servants for so long and are performing kaimkaryams to You at Your
Sthlams? You and Your Piraatti should get up and cast Your lovely Cool
glances at us in order for all three worlds to pay their obeisance to You. 

4.	BhagawaanE! At ThiruppuLingudi, You are blessing us with your
reclining Beauty! At VaraguNamangai Thirupathi, You are sitting so
gracefully! and at Sri Vaikuntam, You are showing Yourself in standing
posture, so beautifully. You are in my (clear) mind in all these three
postures and are blessing me (without any gap and uninterruptedly). You
should shower Your mercy on us and show Yourself just by a mere thought of
You by Your bhakthAs and cool our hearts. You should surprise them by
showing Your  most auspicious qualities and kalyANA guNAs and come straight.
We should be excited and highly elated to be blessed to see the most
Beautiful Red mouth which is like the most beautiful lightning and the Coral
lipped creeper as seen in the midst of dark, rain laden black clouds on the
sky. In my front, for us to see Your exquisite lovely beauty, You should
bless us with Your presence right here, PHYSICALLY.

5.	Oh EmperumaanE! The One who removed the sufferings of GajEndrA and
granted mOksham! The One who rushed so fast on GarudA and saved the
elephant, when it called "AdhimoolamE!" (Primordial Chief!). (IT DID NOT
YELL Narayana". All that it called is AdhimoolamE and NONE DARED TO THINK
THAT HE IS THE ONE FOR THAT POSITION (Nor Indra, BrahmA or Sivan!) It was
meant for Our Dearest Sriman Narayanan!). Oh Lord who reclines at
ThiruppuLingudi! With Your Coral lips, slightly open, Your milk bright,
lustrous white teeth clearly visible to us (with a smiling face) and with
Your Lovely Most Beautiful Lotus eyes, smiling, too, You should bless us
with Your such Beauty!. 

6.	You came with such ferocity and anger on the more ferocious GarudA
bird with such speed and killed maali, sumaali; that appeared like the Huge
dark cloud on Big Meru Parvatham (mountain). (With such "kadunchinam"
(terrific anger)m since, You attacked them You are called "Kaay sina
VendhanE!") Oh Lord of brightest shining Crown! The Lord of ThiruppuLingudi!
With most strongest weapons (which also equally show Your anger on asurAs)
of ChakrA, Sanghu, Sword, Bow and GadhA (mace), and You are the One who
removes my sorrows! Please show mercy on me!

7.	Oh PerumaanE! The One who alleviates all our karmic sorrows and
pains that arise out of our births! You are the One who saves in the same
manner, Devas like BrahmA also. You are reclining at the Most Beautiful
place of ThiruppuLingudi. With the ecstasy of seeing and admiring the
BhAgawathAs thronging at this place to pay their obeisance to You, our
Bhakti for You increases too tremendously. Please show Yourself in front of
our eyes and appear for a day at least for these "anjnAnIs". (wrong
knowledge people and no knowledge people). 

8.	In front of our eyes, the people prostrate at Your Feet, get up and
again prostrate to pay their obeisance to You! They, with great bhakti,
praise You with their own words and slOkAs, and carry out their poojAs. Such
Great Lord, You are here at ThiruppuLingudi. You are the same one who is
there at Sri Vaikuntam, too! You should bless us to show Yourself in this
vast world, here at ThiruppuLingudi  (for us to see You) as You are there at

9.	BhagawaanE! You are the One who came like yamA for asurAs and killed
them! You are showing Yourself so mercifully at ThiruppuLingudi, in
reclining posture! In order to enable us realise Your Greatness and
Lordship, please show Yourself, in front of our eyes, for AT LEAST A DAY.
You should bless us by showing Your Exquisitely Beautiful ThirumEni (Divine
body), which is like a big flower, cooling our eyes to the Greatest extent,
(by drinking Your beauty incessantly).

10.	Oh Lord! You are able to take Your weapons immediately for the sake
of Your BhakthAs. You are the One who kills the asurAs to protect Devas! You
are the one who is like the poison for asurAs! You are so gracefully
reclining at ThiruppuLingudi. The unmatched, peerless, most merciful Periya
Pitaatti and BhUmi piraatti gently squeeze and massage Your Beautiful tender
ankles and Feet. Like them, I, the incorrigible sinner, mahA paavi too, am
longing to massage/squeeze Your Lotus Feet. Hence, Please take me at Your
place to do such kaimkaraym for You. If You do not wish to take me, please
come here at least in front of me to enable me to do that. 

11.	About Emperumaan, who is so bright and so great, Sri SadagOpar of
Thiruvazhudi naadar. Has sung 1000 pAsurams. Those who read these ten out of

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE saraNam  

Ram Ram

Best Regards

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan