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FW: drAvida sruthi darsanaha - part 1 (fwd)

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 20:10:32 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Please find forwarded the first of excellent posts on Amudhan by Sriman
Sampath Rangarajan. Since he is on leave, I am blessed to perform this
"kaimkaryam" to BhAgawathALs.

Narayana Narayana 

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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> Subject:	drAvida sruthi darsanaha - part 1 (fwd)
> drAvida sruthi darsanaha
> It  was next day aipasi mAsam, at  dabir
> paditthurai        in        kumbakonam.
> SrivaishnavALs  are  bathing  and  doing
> thulA  kAuveri  snAnam.  Madhava  dAsan,
> Varadhan and Rengarajan and Muralidharan
> are there.
> Amuthan Sannithi:
> perumAL: pArtthAyA en baktharkaLai  (did
> you  see my bhakthALs) whatever is there
> in  their  inidividual preethi the  have
> all come here to our sannithi.
> thAyAr: Let us see how they are going to
> tell  the perumai or vishEshams of  this
> sannithi  and compare it with your  twin
> Arangan.
> They  were  proceeding  to  the  amuthan
> sannithi.  A bhakthA by name JagannAthan
> asks  them, adiyEn wants to know  as  to
> how  you  may be talking about Aravamuda
> perumAL.
> Rengarajan: We just came from  Srirangam
> and a thulA kAuveri snAnam at "kudanthai
> kidantha   kauveri".  It  is   a   great
> anubavam.  First let me tell as  to  why
> thiruk   kudanthai  is   very   special.
> "Kudanthai"  now known as kumbakonam  is
> the nucleus of this universe. During the
> maha  praLayam,  the  gene  or  amirtham
> required for shrushti was kept in a  pot
> and  buried  under this poRRAmaRai  tank
> which  is  at  the  protection  of   Sri
> Aravamudan.  i.e., This  Lord  protected
> the  entire race of creations (not  only
> humans  but  every kind) So if  not  for
> this Lord where we going to count as  to
> how  many  visitors came  to  one  divya
> desam etc ?
> Amudhan  is the kArana karttha  for  the
> creation itself. When VibeeshAzhwAr  was
> crying out after seeing Arangan embedded
> at  the kauveri bank, Lord Arabgan  told
> him,  Iam  here  as per the  prayers  of
> kauaveri  and chandran, and I will  also
> go  with  my twin vimANAM KNOWN AS  vEda
> vEdAnga  vimAnam to kudanthai  and  will
> marry  hEma maharishi's daughter  kOmala
> vaLLi.    (hEma   maharishi   was    the
> incarnartion of brigu first and then  to
> cleanse the sin due to bagwath apachAram
> he  was  born to serve the lord as  guha
> AzhWar  and  then  now  again  as   hEma
> maharishi).  So Arangan and Amuthan  are
> twins.  One  and the same. If  you  talk
> about number of visitors and statistics,
> it  is  conceived that 33000  crores  of
> dEvAs saptha nathis, and brahma are  all
> always standing and offering prayers  at
> the feet of Lord Amudhan.
> Sri  Komalavallith  thAyar  samEtha  Sri
> Aravamudhan thiru vadikaLE saranam
> Sampath Rengarajan
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