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drAvida sruthi darsanaha - part 1

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 11:52:56 PDT

drAvida sruthi darsanaha

It  was next day aipasi mAsam, at  dabir
paditthurai        in        kumbakonam.
SrivaishnavALs  are  bathing  and  doing
thulA  kAuveri  snAnam.  Madhava  dAsan,
Varadhan and Rengarajan and Muralidharan
are there.

Amuthan Sannithi:

perumAL: pArtthAyA en baktharkaLai  (did
you  see my bhakthALs) whatever is there
in  their  inidividual preethi the  have
all come here to our sannithi.

thAyAr: Let us see how they are going to
tell  the perumai or vishEshams of  this
sannithi  and compare it with your  twin

They  were  proceeding  to  the  amuthan
sannithi.  A bhakthA by name JagannAthan
asks  them, adiyEn wants to know  as  to
how  you  may be talking about Aravamuda

Rengarajan: We just came from  Srirangam
and a thulA kAuveri snAnam at "kudanthai
kidantha   kauveri".  It  is   a   great
anubavam.  First let me tell as  to  why
thiruk   kudanthai  is   very   special.
"Kudanthai"  now known as kumbakonam  is
the nucleus of this universe. During the
maha  praLayam,  the  gene  or  amirtham
required for shrushti was kept in a  pot
and  buried  under this poRRAmaRai  tank
which  is  at  the  protection  of   Sri
Aravamudan.  i.e., This  Lord  protected
the  entire race of creations (not  only
humans  but  every kind) So if  not  for
this Lord where we going to count as  to
how  many  visitors came  to  one  divya
desam etc ?

Amudhan  is the kArana karttha  for  the
creation itself. When VibeeshAzhwAr  was
crying out after seeing Arangan embedded
at  the kauveri bank, Lord Arabgan  told
him,  Iam  here  as per the  prayers  of
kauaveri  and chandran, and I will  also
go  with  my twin vimANAM KNOWN AS  vEda
vEdAnga  vimAnam to kudanthai  and  will
marry  hEma maharishi's daughter  kOmala
vaLLi.    (hEma   maharishi   was    the
incarnartion of brigu first and then  to
cleanse the sin due to bagwath apachAram
he  was  born to serve the lord as  guha
AzhWar  and  then  now  again  as   hEma
maharishi).  So Arangan and Amuthan  are
twins.  One  and the same. If someone talk
about number of visitors and statistics,
it  is  conceived that 33000  crores 
(330 billion)  of
dEvAs, saptha nathis, and brahma are  all
always standing and offering prayers  at
the feet of Lord Amudhan.

Sri  Komalavallith  thAyar  samEtha  Sri
Aravamudhan thiru vadikaLE saranam

Sampath Rengarajan

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