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Date: Tue Aug 18 1998 - 20:50:51 PDT

Dear Bhakthas,

     I thought I will share the following episode with all of you. My

eldest sister,Smt. Hemamalini Govindarajan, is fond of composing poems, in

praise of some aspect of Perumal. A few weeks back, she informed me that

she had mailed a copy of her poems (two) to Jeeyar Swami at the Ahobila

Matham. I was shocked and my first response was that of an irate person,

and got in to an arguement on how she was not considerate and was putting

to waste the Jeeyar's time, or anyone who happens to read it. So, in short,

it was not a pleasant conversation. Last week, when I called her back, she

had the biggest surprise for me. As I understand, she received a reply from

none other than the Jeeyar Swami, and our Achraya was more than pleased

with the poems. When she related this to me, both of us were nearly in

tears. I for one was always under the impression that we should not waste

our Acharya's time with things that one considers

trivial/petty/insignificant. Little did i know, that our Acharya is

accesible and he truly considers and guides us in what we do. (It comes as

no surprise that I was wrong, as usual). There is nothing greater than

pleasing one's Acharya, and I truly envy my sister for being showered with

the grace from our Jeeyar. In a way I am also envious of Smt.Radhika and

Sri. Venkatraghavan (I am sorry if i forgot others), for writing poems that

fills one with joy. I consider it my privilege to be related to my sister,

and a honor to post her poems on this site, and I ask for forgivance, if I

have made any errors in typing (I am a single-finger typist and am ashamed

of my typing). I submit the poems to you..

          "Oh Trivikrama"

Oh Trivikrama! The formless one holding the Pranava Prakriti

The Cosmos The Collosus

Oh Trivikrama, The Growing Deity Dainty and Daunting, Mighty and

Oh Trivikrama, I'M Told I Hail From Thee, Don't I

I'M Told My origins Are Yours Too, How Sacred I Feel

I'M Told You Abide By Me And In Me, How Divine Am I

Oh Trivikrama, Thy Feet are Invisible I'M Told

No No I Say, Thy Feet are Enshrined in My Heart Head and Soul

They Aren't Invisible, Jus'Veiled I Know

Oh Trivikrama, You Spoke and Asked For Space

Traversing Space Creatures and Cosmos All Thru

Implanting Thy Feet on Honourable Mahabali's Head

Blessed is He Who Carries Thy feet on Their Head

Oh Trivikrama, Was it Vatsalya, Saulabhya, Sousheelya

That Made You Claim Thy Creation As Thy Very Own

Were You Blessing the Devas As Well

Oh Trivikrama, Blind am I, I Haven't Envisioned You in Me

Wandering Wastrel Am I My Thoughts Float Away from Thee

Weird Am I Still Shy Away From thee, Help Me

Oh Sharanyan!

The second one...


The Charming Boy so Miraculously Ethereal

Walking a Leap a Pace

Rustling Sparkling White Dhothi Hugging Micro Waists Gently

Wooden Sandals Running To Keep Pace with the Walking Wonder

The Grasses Charmed Gather Up Folding Their abode, The Trees Green and

Uproot Themselves Silently Follow By

Droplets Ripplets Rivulets Stream Lakes Rivers Change Course and Follow On

The Breeze The Wind The Fragrance The Bees

The Flying Ones Zoom and align

Eyes Glued on the Beauty Thats Him Follow On

The Stones The Sand Rocks Hills Dales and Valley Slide Up Craning their

For That One little Glimpse of This Mortal of A Boy

Alas mortal eyes Riveted but Envy Took Over

No Man Woman or Child followed

Trailing Behind the Mahavamanan The Retinue Wondered Who is This

Our Saviour Path Bearer Guide or Mayaii

Oh Its Pleasant They Knew To Simply Follow Him So

Mahavamanan Similing All Thru Sheperded Them

In A Silence of Harmony As of the Maha Yogi.

I sincerely thank all of you in taking the time and having the patience to
read thru.