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The Best arcA mUrti Discussion.
Date: Tue Aug 18 1998 - 13:21:28 PDT

     Dear BhAgavathAs,

     It was really foolish on my part to ask your views about ending this
     debate. I go back in my request to close this discussion on reading
     the REALLY BEAUTIFUL lines of Sri Anantha Padmanabhan which is as
     follows :-
     ************************Quote **************************************

     Infact the very reason for NArAyanA to take various avatArams is to
     make the jIvAtmAs get attracted in any one of His forms/leelAs
     etc. So, if a devotee strongly feels that PerumAL in one Divya Desam
     is the superior most in comparison with other Divya Desa perumALs ,
     then NArAyanA is infact highly pleased , since the very reason for His
     archAvatAram in that particular form is to make His devotee have a
     strong personal relationship with respect to that form.

     Ofcourse , the answer to the debate is already known . Our AchAryAs
     have already clearly mentioned it . But the purpose of the debate
     is to experience the kalyAna gunAs of Sriman NArAyanA in a different
     way viz. friendly arguments & thereby bringing out the glories of
     different Divya Desams .


     So in my opinion, there is no need to stop this discussion. Also Sri
     Sampath Rengarajan wrote

     So I request bAgwathAs to please wait for all my 16 posts
     to come and then Sri VS's postings to follow, before you can close
     this lively debate

     Could there be anybody who can say "I have to close this" on reading
     what Sri Sampath wrote.

     We are all eager to read the postings.

     In NAchiyAr thirumozhi, in 6m patthu 2nd pAsuram, AndAl says,

     "nALai vadhuvai maNamenru nALittu..". For this line our poorvAcharyas
     give their vyAkhyAnam as .. PerumAL decided to have the marriage the
     next day instead of having it immediately just because our kOthai is
     too soft enough to accept the shock due to happiness if done
     immediately. So to allow her to reconcile, PerumAL decided to have the
     marriage, the next day. (This is as heard by me from one of my well

     But I hope we cannot wait more if all the articles are waiting for 10
     days to be released.

     So BhAgavathAs please do forgive me in asking a foolish question as to
     " How about closing this discussion".

     adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan

     Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh