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engu suRRinum ranganaiyE vanthu sEr - part 4

From: Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Aug 18 1998 - 12:38:00 PDT

 Srirangam  is the head quarters  of  all
 Sri   vaishnava  acharyAs  for  so  many
 centuries  now.   Do  everyone   get   a
 message here as to why all these mahAn's
 have to stay here ?
 Sri  Arangan  was  worshipped  by  every
 faith in Hinduism and everyone delivered
 holy  pasurams  on  Arangan.  Adisankara
 came here and wanted to be here one full
 year  (there is shAhstram that  everyone
 in Srirangam is a nitya suri and one has
 to  live there one uttharAyanam and  one
 dakshinAyanam). He didnot  want  to  see
 the  calender  or  pachAngam.  (ie.,  he
 doesnot  want to track the days  of  his
 stay  here) as he felt it may  interrupt
 his complete focus on lord Arangan.
 So  he  planted  a  plantain  or  vAzhai
 maram. the cycle of a "vAzhai maram"  is
 10  months to yield a 'kannu'. ie.,  its
 offspring. After that he never  bothered
 to   look  at  the  days  etc  and   was
 constantly worshipping Arangan untill he
 noticed   that  the  vAzhai   made   its
 It  is said that even pAndavas came here
 to  worship  Arangan at command  of  Sri
 Krishna  HIMself when Lord  Sri  Krishna
 was  very  much there. Leave all  these.
 Our  Lord was worshipped by another form
 of  the Lord ie Sri Rama worshipped  him
 and  so HE is known as perumAL's perumAL
 or popularly "periya perumAL". There are
 many reasons to call this divya desam as
 "periyathu" or one that is great.
 Finally  our thAyar is all merciful  and
 loving  and caring. udayavar waited  for
 pangunai utthiram day when thAyar  joins
 perumAL  to deliver his gadyath  trayam.
 thAyAr's karunA is so great. That is why
 we  are going to worship HER and get the
 "mancha  kAppu" from HER,  first  before
 going  to perumAL sannithi now.  By  the
 way would you care to join us ?
 bAgawathAs: Oh yes.
 We  probaly can go on list all these for
 more  and more reasons. I think for  now
 this will do. Let us have the darshan of
 thayAr and perumAL.
 Sri  RanganAyikA samEtha Sri  RanganAtha
 perumAL thiruvadikaLE
 Sampath Rengarajan