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RE: Sri Hayagreeva avtaar

From: Anand K Karalapakkam (
Date: Mon Aug 17 1998 - 10:41:00 PDT

Sri :
     Srimate  Lakshmi Nrusimha Para Brahmane Namaha

     Dear  Sri Madhava Kannan &  other  devotees ,
      namo nArAyanA . kindly accept adiyen's pranAmams .

Sri  mAdhava kannan wrote : 

2. There is another version of this avtaar and killing of asurAs. When 

3. There is yet another interesting "different" version in BrahmANda 
PuraaNam- Sri Devi Bhagawatham. There was a asurA, by name Hayagreeva 

adiyen :  adiyen  guesses  that  Sriman  mAdhava kannan didn't quite express 
his thiru ULLam  (intention) exactly  here (choice of words  may  be  misinterpreted by 
  readers like adiyen).  There  cannot  be  multiple  versions  of the   same  incident 
 / LeelA  of Sriman  NArAyanA  with  explicit contradictions.  If  they  are  quite 
 contradictory  in  evidence (pramAnam)  it  is  to be  understood that  the  narrations 
 pertain  to  the  actual  incidents  that  occured  in  different  kalpAs  ie. In one kalpA , 
nArAyanA  performed  the  LeelA  as  reported in one pramAnam  &  in another kalpA , 
nArAyanA performed the  leelA  as  reported  in  another  pramAnam .  The  two 
 contradictory  pramAnams  obviously  are  not  narrating the same  incident . The other
possibility is that  both  the  LeelAs  took  place  in the  same  kalpA  at  different  time  
 periods  .  Depending upon the particular  incidents in question one can always come  to
 some conclusions like that .      

 For instance ,  Suka Brahma Maharishi  (Srimad BhAgavatham) while describing  the
 most glorious  Nrusimha  avatAram  says that  even   Goddess Lakshmi  was  unable 
 to face the angry of  Nrusimhan  & kept some distance ( Ofcourse pirAtti's intention
 to glorify the bhaktA PrahalAdA is understood ) .  This  is  the  way  it is described  in  
other  purAnams  dealing  with  Nrusimha avatAram  ,with  one exception as that of pAdma purAnam . 

 Our dear  Kaliyan  (Thirumangai   AzhvAr )  describes the nectarian  pastime  of  how 
 Nrusimhan  made  pirAtti  seated on  His  left  lap  &  embraced  Her   with 1000 hands 
( ie. With  so much love )  giving  the   sevai  as  that  of  MAlolan  ,  after  slaying  the 
 demon Hiranyakashipu . This same   description  is  given in pAdma  purAnam also    

 This doesn't  mean  that  vyAsar is  writting  some  fiction  story  with  some  imagination 
&   Kaliyan is in  a dream  world  of  his  own  imaginations & speculations .  Unfortunately
all the rich & glorious  writtings / revealations   of   Rishis &  AzhvArs  are  categorically  
 branded as  "myths "&  blasphemy after blasphemy  are  made  on these  things  over the 
 years  by  many  ignorant  men. These  are  not  some  "symbolism"  of the purAnic level ; 
 personification of this & that etc  & are different from "vedic - level" . All these  funny  &  speculatory  ideas are  somehow  prevalent  these  days .  

 VyAsar/ Sukar  being  parama  bhAgavathAs  had  the  qualification  to  enjoy the nectarian 
  pastimes of NArAyanA   in front  of  their  eyes (jn~Ana drushti ) . NArAyanA  reveals  to  them .  Similarly  MAlolan  revealed  His  pastimes  to  Kaliyan  ( No wonder  why  he is an AzhvAr ). 
 Nrusimhan  performed  a type of pastime in one kalpA &  another  pAstime  in  a  different 
  kalpA  &  are  revealed  to  such  parama  bhAgavathAs . It is  not  a joke  to  become  a 
  great  bhAgavathA  like  either  vyAsA  or  kaliyan . Humility  is  needed  to  understand  these  things .   

NArAyanA  out of great compassion performs  many  leelAs  for  teaching  some  dharmA 
/morals  to the baddha jIvAtmAs . This doesn't mean that all  of His leelAs  are   for that 
only. There  are many  instances where  He  &  His devotees  enjoyed their  communion . 

  However , it  is  strongly to be noted that  vyAsar  is  not  writing some fiction  to  teach
  morals . Such blasphemies are somehow floated around by  many  & its undigestable for
   we Sri VaishnavAs / devotees  of  Sriman  nArAyanA .   

namo  nArAyanA
anantha padmanAba dAsan
 P.S. :  Sorry  dear  Sriman  Madhavakannan  for  conveying  some  of  adiyen's 
 frustrations  using  your  postings  as  a vyAjA .