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Number one Divya Desam - 2

From: Anand K Karalapakkam (
Date: Sun Aug 16 1998 - 16:47:56 PDT

                                  Sri :
             Srimate  Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Para Brahmane Namaha
             Srimate Sri Lakshmi - Nrusimha Divya PAdukA Sevaka - 
         Srivan  Shatagopa  Sri NArAyana Yateendra MahAdesikAya Namaha      

     Dearmost Sri VaishnavAs  ,
     Namo NArAyanA . kindly accept adiyen's pranAmams. 
    -- cont---

     Everyone knows that it is the same NArAyanA who has taken 
     different forms as RanganAthar , SrInivAsar , PeraruLALan  etc.
     But each archAvatAram is unique on its own . Though the ultimate
     reason for PerumAL to take various archAvatArams is to please His
     devotees , the leelAs employed by the PerumAL from various Divya
     Desams are different . It is similar to how eventhough KrishnA & 
     RAmA are the same NArAyanA in  different forms , their leelAs were
     different . So , the debate boils down to the discussion on these 
     lines .  NArAyanA cannot be limited to say 50 or 100 kalyAna gunAs.
     It is countless . Infinite are His ways also in which NArAyanA deals
     with His devotees . It is this variety of exhibition of His kalyAna
     gunAs to His devotees  that makes even the dry samsAric life (ie.
     association with a material body)  also to  be  as good as a life in
     Sri Vaikuntam . 

     Infact the very reason for NArAyanA to take various avatArams is
     to make the jIvAtmAs get attracted in any one of His forms/leelAs
     etc. So, if a devotee strongly feels that PerumAL in one Divya Desam
     is the superior most in comparison with other Divya Desa perumALs ,
     then NArAyanA is infact highly pleased , since the very reason for
     His archAvatAram in that particular form is to make His devotee have
     a strong personal relationship with respect to that form.    

     Ofcourse , the answer to the debate is already known . Our AchAryAs
     have already clearly mentioned it . But the purpose of the debate 
     is to experience the kalyAna gunAs of Sriman NArAyanA in a different 
     way viz. friendly arguments & thereby bringing out the glories of 
     different Divya Desams . 


     Transgression of facts (during arguments concerning the superior
     perumAL ) , wherever it is made in the drAmA will be made evident in
     the form of a dialogue . So , one needn't be guessing whether the
     statements are either facts or not. The actual debate will start 
     from the next posting . So this info is for the next posting
     basically .  


    The great bhAgavathA Sage NArAdA goes to the kArya Vaikuntam (*)
    &  offers mangaLAsAsanam to  Sriman NArAyanA :

   NAradar :  
             PallAndu pallAndu pallAyirathAndu pala koti NoorAyiram 
             mallAnda thinthOL manivannA  Un sevadi sevvi thiruk kAppu

             adiyomodum ninnodum pirivinri Ayiram pallAndu
             vadivAi nin valamArbinil vAzhginra mangaiyum pallAndu
             vadivAr sothi valaththurayum sudar Azhiyum pallAndu
             padai pOr pukku muzhangum ap pAnchajanniyamum pallAnde
   NArAyanA : Please come NAradA. I am highly pleased by your kind visit.

   NAradar  : Oh my dear Lord ! adiyen is in this status by your mercy
              only . PallAndu  to your  infinite kalyAna gunAs . All 
              Your bhAgavthAs faint  while thinking about your Soulabhyam 
              & Sowseelyam inspite of Yourself being the Para Brahman & 
              Master of all . 

   NArAyanA : Is there any special purpose for your visit ?
   NAradar  : Eventhough You know whats going on in adiyen's mind , it is
              Your Wish to hear from adiyen itself . So, as a servant of
              Yours , adiyen will act as per Your desire . 
              adiyen is not able to tolerate the aj~nAnam (ignorance) 
              prevailing in the earth. kali yugA is very horrible . 
              Earth is filled with so many athiests . Not only that they 
              don't know about You , they also mislead so many other 
              people . So called "Scientists" of the earth propagates
              non-sensical  theories like Universe was born on its own 
              with some big bang or something like that ; Life originated
              from matter etc . These people are glorified as the topmost
              intellectuals of the society & all the people blindly 
              follow their dictations in all spheres of life. All the
              children are made to believe such things & brain washed from
              their childhood to develop athiestic attitudes . The limit
              to which the materialistic science can work or possibly
              yield fruitful results is not understood by the people .  

              The most unfortunate part is that even the pure vedAs ,
              IthihAsa purAnAs after getting into the hands of ignorant
              ones are heavily  suffering . Many men in the name of
              modern philosophers , Indologists & researchers write
              hundreds  of books on vedAntA , purAnAs etc with their own
              speculative ideas . They misinterpret them  and causes  
              much more confusions by forming their own individual
              philosophy derived out of vedAntA . Added to this confusion
              is the presence of many more philosophies that are not based
              on vedAs.
              IthihAsa purAnAs are branded as fictitious stories , mere
              employment of symbolism etc . All Your most merciful
              avatArams & leelAs  are considered as some fairy tale for
              mere learning of some ordinary dharmA. Existance of demigods
              are not understood & are considered as some symbolic
              representations. The apaurusheyA vedAs are considered to
              be some speculative ideas written in the form of texts.

              You Yourself experienced how the asurAs & fools were
              ignorant about your supra mundane LeelAs during Your vibhava
              avatArams . In archAvatAram You are experiencing worser &
              worser apachArams. Many pseudo intellectuals think foolishly
              that ,since You are present everywhere (Divya Atmasvaroopam) 
              , worshipping You specifically at Temples is mere 
              sentimentalism. Many speculate that man created God &
              worship through Agama sAstrAs is some symbolism . Blood is
              oozing out of adiyen's eyes due to such blasphemies , O my
              Lord !
              People hardly understand that as soon as the prathistA for
              the vigrahA is done , You make the sAnidhyam in it by mixing 
              the suddha sattvam into the vigrahA & thereby making it Your
              divine body (divya mangaLa vigraham) & thus it is no more a
              mere stone or a wood or whatever it was before. Only Your
              dear devotees understand Your unlimited mercy in taking an
              archAvatAram by accepting whatever name & form they give and 
              give them the oppurtunity to serve You with pure love , that
              being their  svaroopam (nature). 

              As long as the jIvAtmA is with material body , it has no 
              scope of having the vision of You (DivyAtma svaroopam). It
              is only possible at Sri Vaikuntam. Thus , Your Divya MangaLa
              vigrahA (form) is the sole refuge for all the baddha 
              jIvAtmAs. Also, only fortunate souls can have the sevai
              (vision/darSan) of Your Divya MangaLa vigrahA at Ksheera
              sAgarA, kArya vaikuntam , one's heart (hArdan) etc . Being
              not in the same  timeperiod as that of Your Vibhava
              avatArams like NrusimhA , RAmA & KrishnA , Your sevai
              (darSan)  at various Temples remains as the people's only
              refuge .

              Just reading the pramAnams here & there, boosts heavily the
              ego of many people & make them think that they are
              independent & not subservient to You ; while others due to
              ignorance foolishly equate You with all demigods like Lord
              BrahA, Lord ShivA & others . They don't  understand that 
              You being completelty free of all karmA eternally , the
              divya mangaLa vigrahA You posses in archAvatArams
              are of the combination of the suddha sattvA in matter and
              not like the vigrahAs of other demigods which doesn't have
              any connection with Suddha sattvA due to the connection of
              karmA with all jIvAtmAs that are given the post of some
              demigod .
              Parama BhAgavathOthamAs involved in the propagation of the 
              Prapatti mArgA & the glorious Rahasya Traya mantrAs are
              being neglected & even rediculed as sentimentalists etc by
              many ignorant men. Thinking of all Your most merciful 
              avatArams drive all Your devotees mad & how can adiyen
              forget the devotional outpourings of Your most beloved
              AzhvArs ? Hardly anyone understands the most important 
              sarIra - sarIrI bhAvA which exists between jIvAtmA & You ,
              as well as between achit & Yourself .

              Many think that by merely reading 5 or 10 books on vedAntA 
              will make him a master of it & can know about all the
              tattvA , hitA & purushArthA easily , while actually being
              ignorant of the fact that it is actually You out of Your
              mercy rewards them according to their sincerity &
              qualification . The unfortunate part is  that , most of the
              writers of such books are themselves in confused state who
              think that whatever they feel is the tattvA . Even the most
              precious gems amongst granthAs from Your sampradAyam ,
              fiercefully preached by Bhagavad RAmAnujA, is read like a
              novel by many ,due to which they are also  in confused
              state , since how will You benedict them the  divine
              knowledge , when there  is no expression of humility &
              submissiveness towards the SadAchAryA ,atleast as a token of
              respect for their unlimited mercy  in blessing them through
              their granthAs ,  while actually no act of theirs can be
              thought of as a repay of their debts to their AchAryAs . 
              Hardly one realizes the importance of a SadAchAryA & the 
              SatsampradAyam . Your own Bhagavad sAstrA (pAncarAtrA) is
              unfortunately  rejected by many because of their ignorance.
              Hardly one follows the Do's & Dont's of sAstrAs which are 
              Your divine commands . Not only that many are indulging
              simply in materialistic things , they also committ excessive
              apachArams unto You & Your devotees . 
              As soon as SisupAlan started deriding You , all the Rishis
              evacuated the place since their tapas will completely be
              destroyed by hearing such blasphemy . But now everywhere in
              the world , these type of blasphemies in various ways are
              present in various degrees . What can Your devotees do ? 
              Many have already piled lots of sins & involve themselves in
              bhagavad apachArams. adiyen is not able to digest the amount
              of suffering they are undergoing now & will be undergoing in
              the future . Being unbiased as a IswarA , You are equal to
              all & reward according to their desires & karmA , thus not
              interfering with their free will. But Oh my Lord , please
              transfer all their sins unto adiyen & let adiyen suffer in
              various hells for thousands of years , while they all after
              realizing their svaroopA(nature) as Your eternal servant
              & thereby performing prapatti will be in bliss by performing
              kainkaryam unto You at Sri Vaikuntam .

              It is very rare to see those ParamaikAntins who being
              burdenless ,after their bhara samarpanam unto You, are
              engaging themselves in Bhagavad & BhAgavatha kainkaryam
              alone, with least botherations  about the materialistic
   NArAyanA : Oh My dear NAradA ! I understand Your deep concern for
              the welfare of all the baddha jIvAtmAs . It is My sankalpam
              to not force any jIvAtmA & make them act contradictory to
              their wishes . As you know , I go by their acts (karmA) & 
              reward accordingly . I give refuge to those who perform 
              prapatti unto Me . The only way to turn their attention unto
              Me is the glorification of My kalyAna gunAs in various ways 
              while particularly referring to My archAvatAra leelAs .
              If one listens to My avatAra LeelAs from a parama bhAgavathA
              he will atonce be purified . Such paramaikAntins are there  
              near Thiru alli kEni divya desam , while actually performing
              kainkaryam unto Me present as Satya NArAyanan at West
              MAmbalam .

   NAradar :  NArAyana ... NArAyana . adiyen understood Your thiru ULLam.
              Its adiyen's bhAgyam to be Your instrument in starting a
              LeelA of Yours . adiyen is atonce going  there . 
              NArAyana .....NArAyana .
    -- to be cont --   

   (*) kArya vaikuntam : Replica of Sri Vaikuntam (parama padam) within
       the materialistic world wherein great rishis , sages etc get the
       bhAgyam of performing mangaLAsAsanam to Sriman NArAyanA . All 
       the incidents narrated in the purAnAs like Curse to JayA & VijayA,
       Visit of Bhrugu Maharishi & hitting Lord's chest etc took place
       in this kArya vaikuntam & not in the Sri Vaikuntam to which only 
       jIvAtmAs released from bondage of samsArA can enter . In other
       words , those having materialistic bodies ( ie. those who are
       having  association with karmA ) cannot enter Sri Vaikuntam . 
       Sri Vaikuntam doesn't have anything associated with matter . All 
       are made up of suddha sattvA out there . There is no more
       association with karmA (ie. taking up of materialistic bodies) for
       those who have attained moksham (ie. those who have  entered Sri
       Vaikuntam) .Information on the life at Sri Vaikuntam  is very
       difficult to explain since one can understand it only after
       reaching there . It is similar to how one can tell that Mango is
       very tasty & give some analogies for explaining it; but , the real
       taste can be understood only  after practically eating it . 
       Ofcourse Kaushiytaki upanishad , ThiruvAimozhi , Vaikunta Gadyam ,
       Sri Vaikunta sthavam  & other similar pramAnams explain the needful
       for us . ParamaikAntins can have the understanding of the  bliss
       one will be having at Sri Vaikuntam. 

   Namo NArAyanA
   Anantha PadmanAbha dAsan  
                      Sarvam  Sri KrishnArpanamastu