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Date: Mon Aug 17 1998 - 06:36:17 PDT

Dear Venkat,

The words 'Yezh Yezh Piravi...... ' is a figuartive expression. It does not
mean 7x7= 49. Though Soodik Kodutha Sudark Kodi is Saakshaat Bhoomi Devi and
knows that she will have no "Piravi', we should understand that it refers to
the sentiment the jeeva should develop in relation to the Lord. It refers to
the ' unending cycle of births, deaths and death of deaths (i.e. rebirths) to
which jeevas are subject to (unlsess of course, they cease to have further
births by resorting to Bhakti or Prapatti). The words should be understood as
'Yezhum, Yezhum. Piravi," i.e. countless births that arise for the Jeevas. It
means that even if due to Karma one should go through innumerable births,
there should be one thought that should prevail and run through throughout all
these lives viz., that  one is inseparably and inextricably related to the
Parbrahmam. The words suggest a reference to ' Samsara Sagaram'  where the
rise and fall, the flow and the ebb of births take place like the waves in the

On a personal note, once I wrote to my Acharya, Srimad Andavan of
Poundarikapuram Ashramam, that  I knew no means to repay the debt of gratitude
for him even if I take a million births. In the postscript, I added, how
foolish I had been to express a sentment thus. Why ? I would have no occasion
to do anything about it, since he had already gotten rid of Punarjanmam for me
by performing Bharanyasam ! And, he appreciated the sentiment in the
Postscript more than what had been stated earlier !

Hope this clarifies.

Anbil Ramaswamy