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Date: Mon Aug 17 1998 - 06:23:40 PDT

     Dear Sri Anantha Padmanabhan

on Date:    8/14/98 8:30 PM you wrote :


  Adiyen :   The  intention  of   Sri  Ramesh  has  been  unfortunately
interpreted  wrongly  by
   Sri  Venkatesh  &  adiyen   can  understand  that it would  have  hurt  him
very  badly. But ,
 Sri  Venkatesh  didn't  project  that  "hurt"  in  his  later  postings  &  was
kind  in  taking  that
 also  somewhat  lightly though  he  couldn't  have  digested  his
interpretation  of  Sri Ramesh's  statement .


     First, please accept my sincere apologies, because my wordings in my
     post made you think that I have misinterpreted and I have been hurt.

     In reality no. I did not interpret what Sri Ramesh wrote as "against
     the ThiruvallikkENi vaasees". Actually Sri Ramesh was very much right
     in writing ".. altogether different in executing it day-in and
     day-out..". None of us, atleast, to be true, myself, are strictly
     following what Krishna has said in Bhagavadh Gita day-in and day-out.
     My interpretation was Sri Ramesh is exactly bringing out this point.

     Actually the thrust in my lines on the above is only that "Just
     because the prapannas are not following, exactly, what the
     GeethAchAryan has said, the PerumAL in the Divya DEsam does not lose
     His prominence to another PerumAL in another Divya DEsam. Here this
     was Ahobilam.  I was only presenting my view that ThiruvallikkENi,
     Srirangam, ThiruvEngadam and Thiruatthiyur emberumAns are "osatthi"
     compared to Ahobilam. Once again this a part of the divine argument
     that is going on.

     I also concluded that "..I have no disregards for Ahobilam in anyway
     or could there be any for anybody. All the above is meant only in a
     lighter vein."

     So, I reiterate that I have not misterpreted what Sri Ramesh wrote and
     also that I has not hurt me in any way. I once again place my sincere
     apologies if I have hurt any one's feeling.

     adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan

     Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh