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Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Aug 16 1998 - 19:17:53 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

jnAnAnanda-mayam devam nirmalas sphaTikAkRtim | 
AdhAram sarvavidyAnAm hayagrIvam upAsmahe ||

Other sampradaya AchAryAs on hayagreevan:

1. In Dwaita sampradaayam, Gururajar,  (also called Vathirajar) in 15th 
century A.D, adorned the Madhva mutt as a Peetadhipathi. He calls his 
nithya thiruvaaraadhana prasadham as "Haygreeva Pandi", that is made of 
kadalai, (Dhal), vellam (saccharin), coconut etc and taste like Sakkarai 
pongal.  Guru rajar used to offer to the Lord, by keeping the Prasadham 
on a big plate and raise it above his head with both of his hands. Sri 
Hayagreevan, used to gracefully appear as a real horse and keep His 
front two legs on Gururajar's shoulders and eat ("sweegari"cchufy) the 
Prasadham. (What a scene it should have been!). What remains used to be 
Gururaja's only food always! 

2. Also Sri Hayagreeva upasakas are: Aanghirasar, Adharvaa, Vasishtar, 
Adhi Sankarar, Panditha rajar, and so on. 

3. Adhi Sankara, who established the Adavita Siddhantham, is also called 
BhagawathpaadaaL. In his VishNu sahsranaama bhAshyam, for the name 
"theerthagara" (691st name per sankara paadam), he write the commentary 
as " Hayagreeva rUpENa madhukaitabhoU hathvaa virinjaaya saakhaaruthou 
sarvaa sruthi adhyaasa cha upaadhisat"… Means: The knowledge (jnAnam) is 
like an unbounded and limitless waters. There are dangerous steps in 
that pond, where we may tend to slip down. There are also lovley, 
non-dangerous, most enjoyable steps, where we can blissfully take bath. 
There are about 14 (or 18) such steps, namely four vedas, sikshai, 
vyAkharaNam, chandha, niruktham, jyOthisham, kalpam,(they are all 
vEdhanthams), mImAmsam, nyAyam, (DarshanangaL), dharma saasthrAs, 
purANam, are the 14 VidhyA sthAnams. In addition, there are Ayur vEdam, 
Gandharvam, Artha saasthram, Dhanur vEdham that add to a total of 18. If 
one include the "dangerous" non-vedic steps of Buddhism, Jainism, also 
there are even 20. 
Who is the Lord of all Vishyasthaanam? Was the question and Sri 
Bhagawadh PaadhAL in his vyAkhyAnam says: the One who killed madhu, 
kaitabhar and brough back the Vedas to the world and saved the world, 
Sri Hayagreevan is the ONLY ANSWER. (daivatham Devathaanaam). All 
VidhyAs pay obeisance to Him, Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevan with folded hands 
and He blesses them. 

4. Panditha Rajar, in his rasagangaadhara kOsam, says Sri Hayagreevar 
hasgot sakala VidhyA srEshtathvam. 

Works on Sri Hayagreevan:

1. Sri Vedanta Desikan: Sri Haygreeva SthOthram
2. Sri KrishNa Brahmatantra Swathantra Jeeyar- Sri Lakshmi Hayavadhana 
PrabhOdhika sthuthi
3. Sri Lakshmi Hayavadhana PadukA sEvaki- Sri Lakshmi Hayavadhana Rathna 
maalaa SthOthram
4. Abhinava RanganAtha Parakaala Jeeyar- Sri Hayagreeva Ashtakam and Sri 
Haygreeva panjara SthOthram (that houses Sri Hayagreevaaushtu manthram)
5. Srinivasa kavi- Sri Hayagreeva ashtakam
6. Varadhakavi Sri Venkataachaarya Swami- Sri Hayagreeva ashtakam, Sri 
Haygreeva ashtOthram
7. Sri Sevaa Swami- Kalaakalana maalikA.

Greatness of Lord Sri Hayagreevan:

1. Swami Desikan in his Hayagreeva SthOthram, says: "Even DhakshiNA 
moorthy (Sivan) and Saraswathi pay obeisance to Hayagreevan and are 
blessed with VidhyA Sakthi by Lord Haygreevan's grace. (DhAkshiNya 
ramyaa girisasya mUrthi: Devi sarOjaasana dharma pathnI..). Also he 
says: the followers of Sri Haygreevan shall chant this stotram and 
benefit with the blessings of Lord Hayagreevaa ("patata hayagrIva …) 
"Read the haygrIva stotram with bhakti", for attaining fluency over 
words and true knowledge about the Truth and to attain true knowledge 
about the siddhAntam.

2. In Paraasara puraaNam, agasthya naaradha samvaadham, Sri Hayagreeva 
ashtOthra sadhanaama stHothram blesses us a palasruthi, ("naama 
naamshtOththarasatham hayagreevasya patEth…avaapya sakalaan bhOgaannithE 
hari padham vrajEth…") BhakthAs of Sri Hayagreevan, will be blessed with 
sakala Vedha saasthra jnAnam and be blessed with truthful knowledge. 
They will also live very happily in this world with their spouse and 
children with sakala sowbhAgyam and REACH THE LOTUS FEET OF SRI HARI for 

Thanks a lot for all your praises and encouragement. Special thanks to 
Sri MuraLidhar, Sri SadagOpan and Sri Anbil Swamin for your appreciation 
of this child's mazhalai pidhaRRal (blabbers) on Lord Hayagreevan. These 
posts on Sri Hayagreevan, I have based on a small booklet released by 
Sri Vedhaartha Saadhana SabhA, (belonging to Sri Lakshmi Hayavadhana 
PerumAL Koil, Nanganallur, Madras), authored by Sri Dr. V.S.Seshadri, 
reviewed and proof-read by  Dr. Vangeepuram Navaneetham Sri Vedhanta 
Desikan and blessed by H.H. Sri VaNsadagOpa Sri LakshmInrusimha 
DivyapaadhukaasEvaka Sri Narayana yatheendra MahADesikan (Sri Ahobila 
Mutt, 45th Pattam). 
Errors, mistakes, faults are all mine. Please forgive me for that. 

May Lord Sri Lakshmi Hayavadhanan bless us as He does ALWAYS. 

Sri LakshmI Hayavadhana ParabrahmaNE Namah:

Narayana Narayana


Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan      

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