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Sri MadhavakkaNNan's Special postings on Sri HayagrIva BhagavAn

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Aug 15 1998 - 08:13:02 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

Tears literally fell down , when I read the most beautiful ,
comprehensively-researched postings ( three sofar ) on
the Vaibhavam of Sri Lakshmi HayagrIvan . I can not thank
him enough and offer my prayers for the VaaghIsan to bless
Sri madhavakkaNNan to continue to do this type of Kainkaryam .
His AchAryA's blessings are clearly accompanying him in 
this kaimkaryam and the one on Thiruvaimozhi related postings .

On a related subject , I have been prievleged to see some advanced
pre-release postings on our Kula dhaivam , Sri Bhumi DEvi
SamEtha Sri Oppilaippan . As Sriman Sridhar Observed about
the postings of Sri Sampath Rengarajan , the anubhava-janitha
aanandhAmrutham is flowing copiously .There is not much for me
to add to Sri Rengarajan's postings on ThiruviNNagarappan .
I am going to defer to him on this subject . As a pious
observer of SravaNa Vratham and , there are very few equals 
to him in his intenesity of devotion for TannoppArillappan .
He has a multimodal reverence to the EmperumAns of 
Srirangam , Thirukkudanthai , Sholingar and Oppilaippan 
by birth and the Kaimkaryams of his family members .
Through his unique way of story telling in a drama format ,
he is weaving a  wonderful account of his devotion to
all these Emperumans . I am glad to read that Sri Anand
is going to adopt a similar format regarding his input
on the EmperumAn dear to him . 

We are blessed indeed to have members on this list like 
Sriman MaadhavakkaNNan , Sri Sampath Rengarajan and others 
who are feasting us with their enjoyment of the Anantha
KalyANa GuNAs of our Divya Dampathis . 

This indeed is a special group full of devout BhakthAs 
and its uniqueness has been excellently assessed by
Sriman Sridhar . My prayers on this KrishNa Paksha 
Ashtami day (India"s Independence Day ) of BahudhAnya Aadi
for the SaraNya Dampathi's paripUrNa anugraham on evey
one of our members .

Daasan , SadagOpan