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RE: isn't there one to vote for ahObilam?

From: Anand K Karalapakkam (
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 18:05:59 PDT

 Srimate Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha ParaBrahmane Namaha

  Dear  Sri Venkatesh , 
 namo nArAyanA. kindly  accept  adiyen's  pranAmams .

  Sri Venkatesh  wrote :  

Sri Ramesh Sarangapani wrote :
     Quote ________
It is one thing to preach the
charama slokam, but something all together different to execute
it day-in-and-day-out (for all Tiru-alli-kAni vasis :-))
     Unquote _______

     Just because we are not able to follow what is said in the Charama
     Slokam doesn't mean that the Divya DEsam has lost its prominence. It
     is we who should follow what is said in the Charama Slokam. If we are
     not following the same, it is no good, be it that we are in
     ThiruvallikkENi or Ahobilam or any other Divya DEsam.

  Adiyen :   The  intention  of   Sri  Ramesh  has  been  unfortunately  interpreted  wrongly  by  
   Sri  Venkatesh  &  adiyen   can  understand  that it would  have  hurt  him very  badly. But , 
 Sri  Venkatesh  didn't  project  that  "hurt"  in  his  later  postings  &  was  kind  in  taking  that 
 also  somewhat  lightly though  he  couldn't  have  digested  his  interpretation  of  Sri Ramesh's  statement . 

Actually , the statement  of Sri  Ramesh  regarding  the  " Practise of  SaranAgati"  was  nothing to do with  the  KainkaryaparAs of   ThiruvallikkENi  ( ie. The statement  doesn't  mean  that  the  
 devotees  dedicated  to  Thiruvallikeni  Divya Desam  are  not  prapannAs ) . 

    The  purport  of  the  remark  was  simply that  MAlolan  goes  from village  to  village  &  
 AzhagiyaSingars  perform  "Prapatti"  to  the  devotees  , which  is  accepted  by  MAlolan ,  
 whereas   in  other  Divya  Desams ,  this  doesn't  take  place ( ie.  AchAryAs  doesn't  
perform  the  Prapatti  to  devotees  in  front  of  PerumALs  of  other  Divya  Desams , whereas 
in front of MAlolan ,  it  is  happening . ) . So,  Sri  Ramesh  says that  eventhough   pArthasArathy  perumAL   did  the  upadesam  of  Charama  slokam ,  He  is  not  accepting 
 the  "Prapatti"  the  way  in  which  MAlolan  is  accepting  =>  Not  efficient  in  practise  , though  a  great  preacher .  Ofcourse  this  has  to  taken  in  proper  spirit & the  whole  debate  
regarding  this  issue  has  that  inherent  assumption . 

 The  remark  was  certainly  not  on  bhAgavathAs  performing  kainkaryam  to  pArthasArathy 
  perumAL .      

anantha padmanAbha dAsan