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Tiru Allik kEni or Tiruk Kadikai

From: Venkatesh K. Elayavalli (
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 15:51:24 PDT

Dear Respected Members

I am happy to hear about the popularity of Tiru Allik kEni and
Sri Parthasarathy. My dad grew up in a house at the intersection
of Sunkuvar (sp??) St and North Tank Sq Street. We moved out
after my grandmother passed away in 78. My parents-in-law
still have a property in Tiru Alli kEni and they we visit our relatives
there when ever we go to Madras.

I have not yet seen the thaala puraanam for this Divya Desam posted
on this list yet. If it was done so in the past, I would like to receive

a copy of it asap. I have some pictures of Sri Parthasarathy scanned
in, which I would like to post with the thaala puraanam.

On the issue of most prefered Divya Desam (DD), I am sure every one
on this list would have different opinion. Along this lines, my
prefered DD is Thiruk Kadikai.

Thiruk kadikai (Sholingr) is one place where one has to climb 1750
steps, or rent Doli. Sri Sampth Rengarajan had published the thaala
puraanam for this DD few years back. We will be releasing a WEB page
for this DD shortly. If you would like to browse some of the pictures
of the DD deities, please visit

Well, those who feel down because of not being able to visit
and enjoy His blessings for longer periods, should consider visiting
kadikai atleas once. If you visit this DD once, I am sure you will visit

this DD more frequently. Also, if you visit Tiruk Kadikai, please donate

generously to the Sri Vaishnavas performing Kainkariyam there. They
do not have any source of income other than the govt salary.

my 2 cents


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