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Re: More on Tiru Allik Keni
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 14:34:31 PDT

Dear Vemkat,

Whether I am qualified or not, I have indicated in my posting that there can
be no final answer to this question. Please read again my remarks in my post
"More on Tiru Allik Keni" in this connection.

"It would be possible to recount the specialities of each one of the 108 Divya
Desams with equal gusto. When this is done, we would be tempted to switch our
loyalties from one to the other more frequently than  floor crossings we
witness in our legislatures !.  That is the captivating way in which the Lord
beckons us from the various Divya Desas, thanks to the light shed by our
revered Alwars and Acharyas".

Hope that this is the only final conclusion anyone could arrive at on the
Anbil Ramaswamy