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engu suRRinum ranganaiyE vanthu sEr - part 3

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 11:32:19 PDT

Lets  talk of AzhwAr vaibavam and  their
 aruLich  cheyals. Coming  to  nammAzhwAr
 saranagathi,  nammAzwAr made  sarangathi
 to  many  (atleast 12) divya  desams  in
 addition to thiru vEngadam. This is  one
 of   them  as  well.  In  succession  to
 nammAzhwAr we have thirumangai,  thondar
 adip  podi did prapatti at the  feet  of
 Arangan as well. We have thiru mAlai and
 thirup palli Ezhucchi two seprate
 prabhadmas itsleves "exclusively for our
 perumAL".  Why  all  these  two  of  the
 twelve  AzhwAr  merged with  Arangam  of
 which one got married to HIM.
 ANDAL  would  not want to  marry  anyone
 else. pAnar may have delivered the  name
 "viRaiyAr  pozhil vEngadavan"  prior  to
 "neel  mathil  arangatthu  ammAn"  inhis
 first pasuram, but the very word "amalan
 aadi  pirAn  "SQUARELY"  addresses   the
 'pranava swaroopam' of the Lord  Arangan
 here. Besides pAnar delviered that
 "vada vEngada maamalai vAnavar santhi seyya ninrAn
 arangatthu aravin AnaiyAn"
 meaning  that it is Arangan who  has  to
 stand  in vEngadam and make vengadan  as
 vEngadan himself.
 Besides  all  this, this  AzhwAr  merged
 with Arangan denoting that he is part of
 Arangan alone.
 If   you   talk   of  festivities   that
 purattAsi festivals in thirumalai has no
 comparison,   you  must  remember   that
 adhyOyayana  sEvai in Srirnagam  is  the
 mother    of    all    festivals     for
 Srivaishnavas.  By the way  every  divya
 desam  is  having  their  own  ahdyOyana
 sEvai following the traditions that  was
 first established here in Srirangam.
 You have theertham and so we have and in
 addition  we  have  "kAuveri"  which  is
 vishun  mAya itself garlanding  Arangan.
 We have the tallest gopuram in the whole
 of south Asia.
 Udaiyavar and Swami Desikan and ManavALa
 maamunigal  spent a great deal  of  time
 here  not  to mention thondar adip  podi
 who  resided in side the walls of temple
 itself  in  the nandavanam. All  of  our
 AchAryAs  resided here for  atleast  one
 full   year   and  more.   The   AchArya
 pArampariyam contiues as many have their
 head  quarters  here  or  establishments
 here.    example,   periYasramam,    Sri
 POundrika  pouram Andavan Ashramam,  Sri
 ahObila    muth   in   Sri   DasAvathAra
 sanniothi and many others.

Sri  RanganAyikA samEtha Sri  RanganAtha
 perumAL thiruvadikaLE
 Sampath Rengarajan

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