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Re: isn't there one to vote for ahObilam?
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 07:58:02 PDT

                          Srimathe Narayanaya Namaha

On Date:    8/13/98 9:40 PM

Sri Ramesh Sarangapani wrote :
     Quote ________
It is one thing to preach the
charama slokam, but something all together different to execute
it day-in-and-day-out (for all Tiru-alli-kAni vasis :-))
     Unquote _______

     Just because we are not able to follow what is said in the Charama
     Slokam doesn't mean that the Divya DEsam has lost its prominence. It
     is we who should follow what is said in the Charama Slokam. If we are
     not following the same, it is no good, be it that we are in
     ThiruvallikkENi or Ahobilam or any other Divya DEsam.

     Quote __________
Of what use is the sweet smile on the tirumukam of
tiruvenkatamudayan, if i can enjoy it for only a
fraction of a second? (may be a minute...if i can
spare 10 bucks :-))
     Unquote __________

     Atleast we can see his smile for a fraction of a second and for a
     minute on sparing 10 bucks, but none of us can see the EmberumAns in
     Paramapadham and Vaikuntam with this body. Does this mean that they
     are of no significance? Once again let me bring
     Thondar-adi-podi-AzhwAr in to picture. He says ".. ichchuvai thavira
     yAn pOi indhira lOgam ALum, achchuvai perinum vEndEn..". While he
     praises Ranganathan by this paasuram, we can also interpret this as
     the ArchAvatAra swaroopam of emberumAn and say that even the fraction
     of second smile is enought for me. (This really doesn't mean that I am
     siding towards Thirumalai in my argument!!)

     Quote ____________
Of what use is even our pEriya
perumal, if he refuses to budge from his "bed"?
     Unquote __________

     Good, is Sri Malolan coming out of his Sannidhi every day so that he
     can be superior to our Periya PerumAL?

     Quote __________
Devadirajan, ofcourse, standing on Attigiri and holding
his abhaya-hastam is showering His benign glance on
all His devotees. But then it takes just one "dancer"
(Arayar) to snatch away even his darling son (Udayavar).
Prersonally, i would think twice before taking refuge
under such a "vehuli" :-)
     Unquote ____________

     Beautiful. But please note that our PerumAL became a VehuLi just for
     the benefit of Sri VaishNavism. If he would have been more possessive
     about his son Ramanujar, where will all the now rich Sri VaishNava
     sampradhAyam be?

     So please keep Ahobilam at the bay. Please, please, please, please,
     take this in a lighter way as an argument. I have no disregards for
     Ahobilam in anyway or could there be any for anybody. All the above is
     meant only in a lighter vein.

     Forgive me if I have hurt any body's feelings.

     adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan

     Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh

     P.S: However there is no question of changing my mind over Srirangam!!