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Re: Sarasvati Puja Question
Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 19:17:29 PDT

Dear Anand,

A reading of your eloquant posting on Pativratyam of the jeeva  in conjunction
with the picture of Saraswati (wife of Brahma) sitting on the lap of Lord
Hayagriva sounds a little odd. What happens to HER Paativratyam ? What do you
imply ?

Even in our own work-a -day world, the daughter sits on the lap of her father
only when the bridegroom ties the Tirumangalyam in her neck. But, we do not
countenance a situation where a daughter-in-law sits on the lap of her father-
in-law under any circumstances !. (Since Brahma is Lord Narayana's son,
Saraswati, Brahma's wife becomes Lord Narayana's daughter-in-law.)

So, I should think that this projection in the picture may not present the
correct position. May be this is a fit case to seek clarification from our
Acharyas back home.
Anbil Ramaswamy