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my pranams to one and all

From: Kanaka Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 17:21:27 PDT

My Namaskarams to everyone in this group,
I have enjoyed reading the postings and have learnt a lot.
I finished reading  "  THE sundara and The yudha  Kandam" today.
  I believe the ramayana shows us how a husband , wife ,son  brothers
and the daughter in law should behave at different times and the
different kinds of love that is acceptable between each other.
Is there anywhere an example of how a brother and sister's affection or
love should be .
Are we to accept the love of Ravana for Surpanaka , which lead to the
Rama Ravana yuddha  as an example?
I am sorry to ask such a silly question, but the more i think about it
i am unable to think of any other story that tells us this kind of love.

could someone enlighten me on this.