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Re: Bhakti List Moderation Policy

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 14:38:49 PDT

A couple of follow-on points:

(a) Dileepan mentioned that I took issue as moderator
    with some words used in an article by another member
    of the List.  After discussion with the author, he 
    and I agreed to post the article in whatever form
    the author wished.

(b) There is essentially no restriction on who can join
    or leave the list.  The only reason to have a "subscription"
    step is to have truly interested parties take that little
    bit of effort to join, and to prevent known abusers
    on the Internet (i.e., people who join mailing lists
    simply to fight or post advertisements) from joining.  
    No known abusers have attempted to join, so I can remove
    the subscription step as well.

    In other words, there is really no subscription moderation,
    as I do not know most of the people before they join the list,
    and can hardly approve or disapprove of them.

(c) We are all, as far as I am concerned, parama bhAgavatas,
    and as such, I ask all of you to take a moment to consider
    what you think of the moderation idea, and contribute your