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Acharya RaamAnujA Life and Works : CD ROM project

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 05:18:30 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

I am delighted to read all the lovely postings 
on the Divya Desa Emperumaans . Some thing intrigues me 
however . I would have thought that the plans to create 
the CD ROM for one of the greatest of our AchAryAs ,
Sri RaamAnujA, would have been welcomed with more warmth
than I am experiencing . Some thing is missing  .
We have 8 BhakthAs from Bahrain ( $1,008) and a dozen from 
here and Singapore ( $1,332), who have either pledged support 
or sent their contributions to Sriman Dileepan .
We need to forward to Ananatha Research Foundation of 
Karnataka our support for developmental work 
to  preparae the two versions of the CD ROM 
to pay our tributes to AchArya RaamAnujA's Granthams , 
His Vaibhavam  and ThiruvArAdhanam procedures 
and the related manthrAs according to VaishNavite SampradhAyam 
with a rich set of images of Melkote and other divya desams
associated with Sri RaamAnujA's visit . 

Frankly , I can not think of anything more important to
celebrate than the path shown by Bhagavadh RaamAnujA .
Without his Sri Bhaashyam and other eight granthams ,
we are no where . The AchAryAs that followed him 
built on that infrastructure .Please write to me , if you 
have any suggestions and recommendations on the
successful execution of this project . 

Before I give up on pursuing this project further ,
May I request you just one more time to help this
project , which will prove to be  a rich and timely 
addition in the new media format to reach out to
all geenrations here and abroad ?

We are blessed to have a good life here . The small
amount of support ( 10 ,50 , 100 $ ) is not much to
part with .The BhakthAs from India can forward
their contributions to Anaantha Res. Foundation 
address at Mysore . 

Many Many Thanks for your anticipated help to get 
this project off ground .

Sri YathirAja CharaNou SaraNam prapadhyE ,
Vaazhi RaamAnusan , Vaazhi avan ThirunAmam .
AdiyEn , Sadagopan