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engu suRRinum ranganaiyE vanthu sEr - part 2]

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 11:56:42 PDT

Rengarajan: Murali Swami, have you heard
 the saying
 "veLLattharavil thuyil amarntha  vitthinai
 uLLatthu koNda munivargaLum yOgikaLum
 meLLa ezhunthu ariyenRa pEr aravam kEttilaiyO ?"
 Simialr  to that have you not heard  the
 whispering  all around walls of  Aranagm
 untill   adaya  valanchAn   that   "engu
 suRRinum RanganaiyE vanthu sEr !" (Where
 ever  and what ever and all of the other
 107  Divya desams, you roam around, come
 back and surrender to Rangan alone)
 Murali:  So are you all going  to  state
 your case for Sri Arangan?
 Rengarajan: First Murali swami may  know
 that adiyEn was named after this Lord. I
 was born here in the southeren banks  as
 well.  So my natural instincts are  here
 without  saying. We roamed  around  many
 places  and  we are now back to  worship
 our  kula dhAnam, "theerAtha vinaiyellAm
 teerkum koil". (the temple that cleanses
 all vinais).
 Now  we want to tell you about our  Lord
 Arangan's  supremacy in few  words.  You
 see,  you say that Sri vEngadan  has  so
 many  AzhwArs praised him and more  than
 200  and odd pasurams are delivered  for
 him.  Saint AnnamAchAryA delivered  more
 than 30,000 songs on Sri Vengadan. It is
 the  largest visited temple in the world
 and  in  terms  of revenue  also  it  is
 second largest only next to vatican.
 Vengadam  represents  charama slokam  of
 the three rashyAs. NammAzhwAr made his
 sarangathi to Vengadan.
 But  listen to this. All the AzhwArs not
 only delivered pasurams to our Lord
 but  the  maximum number of pasurams  ie
 247  are only for our perumaL. These are
 tamil  vEdam and may not be compared  to
 other  slOkams  though  they  are   very
 sacred  as well. So many saints  praised
 Lord  Arangan through so many songs  and
 pasurams.  While  Vengadam  may  be  the
 largest  visited  temple  in  the  whole
 world,  you must also know that all  the
 105 Lords including thiru vEngadan comes
 here  before arttha jAmam and stays here
 under  our roof untill brahma muhoortham
 and  get back to their respective  divya
 dEsams every day.
 Murali, interrupting, Swami you are  not
 comparing "a to a".
 Rengarajan: That is precisely the point.
 A  (for  Arangan) is greater than  other
 letters  as  it is the first letter  for
 pranavam  too. I will deal it later  and
 now   to  answer  one  by  one,  We  are
 comparing  here  millions  of   jivAtmAs
 against  all  the  107 lord  from  divya
 dEsams.  And of course everyday all  the
 nitya suris visit
 here too.
 So  our comparison for number of visitor
 "turnouts" may not be a valid reason  to
 establish your claim. As far as revenue,
 our perumAL is himself the greatest
 treasure.  He was as well the  seethanam
 "thuNaiyAna  veedanukku thunaiyAm  kOil"
 to  vibeeshanan. So no amount of revenue
 can match this treasure. isn't it ?
 First  we have the pranava vimAnam  with
 para vAsudEvan in it. Those who see  him
 and worship him by mind will not be born
 again.  Our viManam itself is the  shape
 or  form of the pranavam letter.  "Sezhu
 maRaiyin muthal ezhutthu sErntha  kOil".
 This being the case Lord Arangan is  the
 cause   of   all  causes  as  everything
 unfolded from pranvam alone. Further  in
 Srimadh  Rahasya  trya  sAram   we   all
 conceive  that  Srirangam  denotes   the
 ashtAksharam. There is no  mantram  that
 is superior than this. So even among the
 three   rahasyAs  we   do   denote   the
 ashtAksharam  as  the most  revered  and

Sri  RanganAyikA samEtha Sri  RanganAtha
 perumAL thiruvadikaLE
 Sampath Rengarajan