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From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 11:43:39 PDT

    Good that there is  moderation in this list. We have witnessed in
the past some vitriolic postings that have hurt many nettors' feelings.
Ideally speaking, in a mailing list that discusses about the
SrivaishNava philosophy, works of our AzhvArs and AchAryAs, there should
not be any such finger-pointing, accusations, or personal attacks. All
these are very clear and emphatic manifestations of one's ahaN^kAram.
And the very basic tenet of our philosophy strongly advocates against
such ahaN^kAram.

But in the age of electronic media, where the participants of a
discussion are in some remote corners of the world, such mistakes are
bound to happen. Hence a moderator could be of good use.  Moderator's
job is the toughest one, I think. Hope all of us don't take things
personally and cooperate with the moderator.


Vijay Triplicane