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Bhakti List Moderation Policy

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Aug 12 1998 - 10:57:26 PDT

Dear Members,

As of a couple weeks ago, I am reviewing the posts
before I forward them to the Bhakti List.  I started
doing this for a few reasons:
   (a) to prevent illegible/encoded posts from being
   (b) to prevent blatant, accusatory personal attacks
       from being posted, to keep the mood of the List
   (c) to keep the messages readable -- i.e., to inform
       posters of a series of articles to space them 
       out so we can all read them.

I have the time to do this at present; this may not 
always be the case.

I want to emphasize that in no case do I ever edit
the content of the messages; if there is anything that
I deem offensive, I discuss it with the author of the
post before doing anything. No post is summarily rejected
(unless it is an exact duplicate of a previous post).

This is my very minimal moderation policy, designed to
keep discussions alive without getting vitriolic.  

If anyone has any comments, please step forth so we
can discuss them. If the preponderance of members
prefer an unmoderated group, I will revert back to no 
moderation at all.


P.S. One member suggested moderation by "a committee
of elders." Other than the obvious logistical problems
this involves (including its impossibility using the
current software), I am loath to have a committee 
review each post to see its suitability. As stated 
before, my moderation policy (as has always been the
policy of the List) is to encourage healthy, even
heated discussion, but to not start pointing fingers
and using offensive name-calling. My moderation for
the most part will be hands-off.