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thank you

From: Bhagyalaxmi Murali (
Date: Tue Aug 11 1998 - 19:49:14 PDT

namaskaram.  thank you all for giving me so much information about a 
small(maybe insignificant) question I raised.  I did not expect such a 
quick response, I feel very honoured.  I want to especially thank Sriman 
Parthasarathi Dileepan for providing such a detailed explanation of the 
Ahara Niyamam.  I did not know so many things could not be done, and it 
also made my grandfather happy to see that somebody in such a far 
country actually set out to write something as great as this even though 
they might have something else to do.  Thank you very much.

Bhagyalaxmi Murali.

om namo narayanaya.

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