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Date: Wed Aug 12 1998 - 10:05:58 PDT

On Date:    8/11/98 4:24 PM
      Sri Anbil Ramaswamy wrote

It was Sri Parthasarathi, the Charioteer of Partha who delivered all
these- promise of deliverance, reiteration of protection and the much
needed consolation.

I would, therefore, vote for Tiru Allik Keni as the most favored Divya

     I would like to add my words to my residing place. I think my argument
     over Srirangam and Thirupathi as to which is the best doesn't prevent
     me from writing in favour of my ThiruvallikkENi.

     As pointed out by Sri Viji, ThiruvallikkENi really boasts of a very
     good gOshti, and kAlakshEbhams all through the years.

     As Sri Anbil swamy pointed out, it was Sri Parthasarathy who promised
     the protection and reiterated the same.

     Thirumangai Azhwar in his paasuram on ThiruvallikkENi brings this out
     very vividly in verse 2.3.2

     "vEdhathhai vEdhathhin suvaip payanai vizhumiya munivar vizhungum
      kOdhilin kaniyai, nandanAr kaLirraik kuvalayathhOr thozudhEthhum
      Adhiyai amudai ennai ALudai appanai oppavarillA
      mAdhargaL vAzhum mAda mAmayilai thiruvallikkENi kaNdEnE"

     Here the AzhwAr refers Parthasarathy as "Adhiyai" - the one who is the
     first one to or the only one to exist in the beginning, thus doing the
     paratattve nirNayam. Then adds, "amudhai", - is there any person, who
     will not like the amudhu (excepting for those who have diabetes. Even
     they will like to have amudu without others knowing). Further adds
     "ennai ALudai appanai" - says that He is the one who is ruling over
     him. Finally also gives credits to the women folks of the area
     considering them to be the gOpikas of BrindAvanam "oppavarillA
     mAdhargaL vAzhum" (probably that is why a lot of bachelor mansions are
     there in and around ThiruvallikkENi ???). Such is the beauty of this
     place ThiruvallikkENi.

     I like my ThiruvallikkENi for one more reason that I get a feeling as
     if I am in gOkulam on seeing the numerous cows and buffaloes in the
     streets surrounding the Temple, which will make us thing that these
     "Anirais" are here in ThiruvallikkENi more than any place just because
     Sri KrishaNA Himself resides here as Parthasarathy. Wake up early in
     the morning, in a house in the mAda veedhis of Parthasaraty Temple
     especially during the Dhanur mAsam days to the very auspicious sound
     of the Cow's "maa.... "and you will also feel the same. Attend the
     gOshti on all the pancha-parvam days and other major utsavams and you
     will feel the same.

     Sri RukmiNi samEtha Sri Parthasarathy swAminE namaha

     adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan

     Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh