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Re: thiru allikkENi

From: narayanan kazhiyur (
Date: Wed Aug 12 1998 - 10:22:10 PDT


that is great, i was really waiting for someone who has not talked about  
our great karuppu swamy  of thriuvellikeni

i will add some more.

1.emperumanar was born only out triruvellikeni emperuman's sangalpam of now, he is the only god who bestows the most varam all of us may 
desire, that is "kainkarya prapti" - to serve him.

3. people will lose themselves when they attend ghosti during  night 
time when he comes in procession in car street where one can enjoy sweet 
prapandam and also the nice sea breeze.

4. i am sure, if our beloved bhagawatas who are voting for other divya 
desams attend atlest once the rappathu sathumaurai or brahmautsavam ther 
or pagal pattu thirumoazhi sevakalam, they would enmass vote in favour 
of trivellikeni.
5.our GOD is very much cooperative to office goers like us for 
kaikaryam. even during brahmautsavam, one can attend the entire utsavam 
with just one hour permission or half an hour permission. 

i also request the other prappannas to add to my list in favour of 
thiruvellikeni emperuman.



>I would, therefore, vote for Tiru Allik Keni as the most favored Divya
>    Who else would be happier than me?!  All thiruvallikkENi vAsIs 
>be extremely delighted to see this.  thiru allikkENi boasts of one of
>the most excellent gOshTi. The elaborate uthsavams, many upanyAsams...
>make the dhivya dhEsam even more wonderful.
>It has in itself 5 most important dhivya dhEsams. kOil (Sri 
>), thirumalai (Sri vEN^katakrishNan), perumAL kOil (Sri varadharAjar),
>ayOdhdhi (Sri rAmar), ahObhilam (Sri azhagiyasiN^gar).
>In a way, this dhivya dhEsam takes credit for giving Sri Ramanuja to us
>(His parents prayed here for a son).
>sarva dharmAn... mOkshaishyAmi mA sucha: enRu aruLina
>Sri pArththasArathi svAmi thiruvadigaLE thanjam.
>Vijay Triplicane

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