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Re: Divyamana Desam

From: V. Chandrasekaran (
Date: Wed Aug 12 1998 - 01:49:30 PDT

Smt. Viji Raghunathan,

>I once read a Hindi poem called "Ttukra do ya pyaar karo" The poet wrote it
>in the voice of a very poor woman who comes to the temple carrying a single
>flower for the Lord "Others have brought you bright jewels, I see", she
>says, "someone has adorned you in silk, a great "dhanwaan" (rich man) has
>given the money for your gem-filled crown, and you smile is beatific as they
>bathe you in milk. I stand on the edge of the crowd, bent over close to
>a pillar, hiding my simple offering in the "pallu" of my sari. Sometime, when
>they move away, I'll place this flower at your "charan" ("feet" does not=20=
>quite capture it), Prabhu, Ttukra do ya pyaar karo(it is upto You, then
>to love my offering or reject it)

   It was a very moving para in your posting. Thank you for posting it 
in this list.