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Date: Tue Aug 11 1998 - 16:32:50 PDT

I tend to agree with Sri.Venkatesh's observation and interpretation for the
word "pacchai-mamalai" of "pacchai-mA-malai-pOl mEni, pavazha-vai
kamala-chengan, achuthA amara-rErE". The azhwar must be referring to the
mountain or a hill. Often one does compare the strength of someone to that
of a mountain. It may be safe to assume that the mountain is the strongest
of all, amongst all natural things on land. It is an interesting
comparison, that the Sri Aranganthan is referred to as "mamalai" a huge
mountain, and at the same time his beauty by way of the color "pacchai
probably denoting his "Evergreen Strength and Splendor". I am sure all of
us refer to mountains as "green" and not by any color, unless u are seeing
the "Rocky mountains" (as here in Colorado, all brown and barren).

Since, we are discussing the greatness of ThiruVaRangan if I am not
mistaken, only Srirangam is known as "Perumal Koil", giving it an edge over

Also, Sri.Vedanta Desikar in Srimad Rahasyatrayasara, refers to the above
under the following lines..
     "aradhavarulmudham podhindha koil
     ambuyathon ayothi manra kalitha koil
     thiRuVarangam yennathighazhum koil thaane..

Personally, I have visited Tirumalai more times than Thiruvarangam. My only
"kurai" about Thirumalai is "One never gets satisfied with the darsanam of
Him". I do remember, that as a kid (not that I am not one emotionally now),
I was more engrossed in his "abaranam", but then now i have tuned myself
not admire his jewelry, but rather admire his face, since only his face is
bereft of any jewels. It's for this reason that I sometimes prefer
Sri.Varaha swami, but then he too is decked with jewels (courtesy of
Thiruvenkatavan). Which, makes Thiruaranganthan all the more beautiful,
since he is simple, yet breathtaking in his beauty. And ofcourse, SriRangam
has our own Sri.Ramanuja, life-like that only brings tears of joy.
I would like to include SriPerumbudhur as one of my favorites, since it is
the birth place of our Paramacharya SriRamanuja, and also has Sri.Adikesava
Also, one cannot forget NityaKalyana perumal of Thiruvedaventhai.
Thought I will share these thoughts..