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From: Ram Anbil (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 16:26:33 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,

Some of you (including myself) have been voting for one or the other of 
the Divya Desams as the ‘Most favored’. Some of you have based your 
views on the largest number of Paasurams or the number of Alwars who 
have consecrated and many other criteria. 

As one belonging to the Divya desam of Anbil- Appak Kudathaan (Koviladi 
or Tiruppernagar), I am tempted to project this Divyadesam as ‘the most 
favored’ as shown below.

Anbil Ramaswamy
It is argued that the Prapanna Jana Koodastha, Sri Nammalwar did 
Prapatti at Tiruvenkatam, citing the famous Pasuram "Agalakillen Enru 
Alarmel Mangai Urai Maarbhaa". But, Nammalwar seems to have surrendered 
himself at several Tirupathis as well. 

WHERE IN THE WORLD that the Alwar finally got what he has been yearning 
for all along pleading soulfully to the different deities in the 
different Divya Desams?

I have heard in Kalakshepams that the very last Divyadesam he had sung 
(his swan-song, as it were)-is on this Anbil-Appak Kudathaan 
(traditionally referred to as the twin Divya desams that lie on either 
banks of Kollidam with the name of Sundararajan (Vadivazhagiya Nambi) in 
Anbil and Appak Kudathaan in Tiruppernagar). 
9 Vide Tiruvoimozhi 10.8.1 to 11). 

This is the Divya Desam where the Lord who had devoured the seven  
clouds, seven  seas and seven  mountains filled completely Alwar’s Nenju 
(Nenju Niraiya Pugunthaan) and the Alwar devoured the "Aaraa Vayitraanai 
Adanga Pidithene" (10.8.2). A case of divine Cannibalism as A.K. 
Ramanujan would put it ! 

This is the Divya Desam where the Alwar puts the Lord in a spot and 
demands an explanation as to why He, who was indifferent to him so far, 
thought it fit HERE (in Tiruppernagar) and NOW (at long last) to fill 
his Nenju.(Inru Ennaip Porul Aakkith Thannai Ennul Vaiththaan, Anru 
Ennaip Puram Poga Punarthathu En Seivaan?"(!0.8.6). 

As per 6000 Padi, It would appear that the Lord could not reply the 
Alwar. In His eagerness to take the Alwar to Paramapadam, The Lord 
almost sought his excuse by asking what else Alwar wanted.

To this,  the Alwar finally  seems to have demanded that indeed, he had 
got what he wanted HERE, but that he wanted this Kainkarya Sri to 
continue in Paramapadam also.
"Utren Ugandhu Pani Sithu Una Paadam Petraen; Eedhe Innum Venduvadhey 
Endhaai" (10.8.10)

Whatever comes after this decad 10.8 is in the nature of description of 
Chetana- Achetanas (10.9.1); The higher worlds (10.9.2); Adivaahikas 
(10.9.3); The Celestials (10.9.4);Varuna Indra and others (10.9.5); Veda 
strees(10.9,6); Maruthganas and Vasus (10.9.7); Nityasuris (10.9.8,9); 
Reception by the Lord (10.9.10) and Phalasruti (10.9.11)

The entire  decad 10.10 is the Epilogue (Nigamanam) of Tiruvoimozhi. 
Thus, the decad dealing with Tiruppernagar is the Charama (last)decad on 
Divya Desams and no other Divya  Desam came to be sung after this.

Thus, the Alwar really ascended to Paramapadam only at this ANBIL- 
TIRUPPERNAGAR Divya desam - the culmination and consummation of all his 
psalms hailed as Vedam in Tamil and the Alwar himself  known as "Vedam 
Tamizh Seitha Maaran".

Viewed in this light, we may conclude that this ANBIL - TIRUPPERNAGAR 
may be considered as the ‘Most favored Divya Desam.’.

BTW, Sri Krishna Premi Swami is said to have evidence to show that it 
was in this ANBIL that Sage VALMIKI was born. While this is a matter for 
research, I am aware of one great Mahan who was born here-viz., ANBIL V. 
Gopalachariar who instituted the Vidwat Sadas in honor of the founder of 
Poundarikapuram Andavan Ashramam.

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