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Re: documentation

From: Ram Anbil (ramanbil_at_HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 13:06:01 PDT

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>hello.  I know that we don't eat onions and garlic and stuff like that, 
>but when I tell that to others they ask why.  I tell them the reason 
>why, but they ask where does it say that?  I don't know where exactly 
>mentions that we are not supposed to eat onions and garlic.  So if 
>someone can please give more info on this topic it  would be really 
>nice.  thanks.
>Bhagyalaxmi Murali
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Dear friends,
Time and again, someone or other is raising this question on Bhakti list 
and elsewhere. I would like to draw their attention to "Ahaara Niyamam" 
of Swami Desikan where a long list is given of items that can be 
consumed, items that cannot be consumed and items that can be consumed 
with certain restrictions.

If any one is not able to locate, I would advise them to go through my 
Chapter "Trigunas and the Dietary regimen" in my book 'Hinduism 
Rediscovered" .
Anbil Ramaswamy

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