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Sri Guruvayoorappan Temple

From: Bhagyalaxmi Murali (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 09:33:19 PDT

Namaskaram.  There has been a temple opening in Marlboro, New Jersey and 
the main deity there is Sri Guruvayoorappan.  The temple has only the 
utsava moorthis, but almost all the kaimkaryams for the Perumal are 
being done.  We are working our best to make the temple as authentic as 
possible.  Please try to come to our temple and support us.  The address 
and directions to the temple can be acquired at the site:  

the following is just a small sample of events that are taking place:

Aug. 14-Krishna Janmashtami celebrations.(this is not the correct date 
for Sri Jayanthi for Vaishnavas- the correct date is September 13.) the 
programs that day start at around 7:00p.m and go upto 12:00a.m.  there 
is also going to be a car wash organized by the youth commitee from 
4:00p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  

Aug.15- Carnatic Music Recital by T.M. Krishna.

Every Saturday:  Sri Srinivasar and Sree Devi and Bhu Devi         
Every Sunday- Sri Guruvayoorappan thirumanganam 
and Ekadasi

temple schedule:  weekdays: 8:00am-12pm and 4:00pm-8pm
                  weekends: 8:00a.m to 8:30 p.m.

if you have any questions please contact:
temple: (732) 972-5552
Bhagyalaxmi Murali/ Murali Thirumalai: (732) 607-1977.
Ragini Raghuveer:  (732) 591-5966
Chandrakala Sridharan: (732) 603-8674
Usha Sambamoorthi:   (732) 972-6232
Mr. S. Gundanna:     (732) 583-4253
Dr. Krishnan         (732) 494-8634

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