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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Aug 07 1998 - 19:48:40 PDT

Dear Sri LakshmI Hayavadana BhakthAs :

On this sacred day , it is my great bhAgyam 
to place at the lotus feet of Sri Laksmi HayagrIva
Parabrahmam , my upAsanA mUrthy , a Krithi eulogising 
Him . On this Aadi Pournami SravaNam day , 
I seek His continued blessings to keep my 
DhyAnam focussed on Him and to benefit 
from the study of our Kuladhanams and share it with 
fellow BhakthAs and to learn from them.The Moon just arose 
over the horizon here in the North Eastern part of USA  
and it reminded me of His Sahasra Naamam " SampUrNa Chandra 
SankAsAya Nama: " . He is also saluted as " Jn~Anandha 
chandrOdhayam or Jn~AnAmrutha ChandrOdhayam " . May 
Sri Lakshmi Hayavadhana Parabrhamam cast 
His divine and auspicious glances on us all !


PALLAVI:    Lakshmi HayagrIvam aasrayE
            aamnaaya mUlam paramEshtinam

ANUPALLAVI: aksha maalA pusthaka hastham 
            natha maanasa Raaja hamsam 
            (LakshmI HayagrIvam aasrayE)

Charanam 1: sabdhArtha laalitham asEsha Veda rUpam 
            Suddha spatika sankAsam svatha siddham
            nava pundarikE spurantham aadhi purusham
            Ashtaisvarya pradhaayakam Oushadha GirIsam
            ( LakshmI HayagrIvam AasrayE )

CharaNam 2: sukha saarasvatha pradham parandhAmam
            Sankha Chakra paaNInam Vipula greevam
            KaNTE NaathAthmakam Kaitapa HanthAram
            OmkArOdhgitha rUpam TamOharam soumyam 
            ( LakshmI HayagrIvam aasrayE )

CharaNam 3: Sri VedAntha DesikEna samyak aarAdhitham
            PoorNa shAtguNya Vigraham Parama Paavanam
            VaishNava Krathu nEshtam vaaji vakthram 
            KalpAntha gUDa nigamOddhaaraNa samartham
            ( LakshmI HayagrIvam AasrayE ) 

Meaning)   Pallavi: I seek the refuge of Sri Lakshmi-
           HayagrIvan , who is the root of all Vedams 
           and is the Para Brhamam .

           Anupallavi: I surrender unto the sacred feet
           of the One , who has japa maalai and pusthkam 
           in two of His hands and is the ParamAchAryan
           (Raaja Hamsam ) to those , who prostrate before 
           Him as sishyAs .He is seated in their hrudh padmams
           (Heart lotuses).

           CharaNam 1:I bow unto Him , who is gently 
           caressed by the sabdhams and their taathparyams , 
           who is the integrated essence of all VedAs , 
           who has the sparkling white hue of pure crystal,
           who incarnated of His own will , who sits radiantly
           on a newly blossomed white lotus , who is ancient
           without any beginning , middle or end , who blesses
           His BhakthAs with the eight kinds of wealth and who
           is the Lord of the Oushadha Giri at ThiruvahIndra 
           Puram on the banks of Garuda nadhI .

           CharaNam 2: I seek the refuge of the Lotus feet
           of the One , who blesses us with pious and eloquent
           speech ( Veda vaak ) , who possesses supreme lustre ,
           Who holds the Paanchajanyam and Resplendent Sudarsanam
           in two of His hands , who has a big and strong neck ,
           who has melodious Naadham emanating from His throat
           ( Hayavadhana HEshA hala Hala sabdham-Veda naadham ),
           who destroyed Kaitapan for his offenses related to 
           the stealing of the Vedams , who arose from the sound 
           of Saama UdhgItham and took its form , who destroys 
           ignorance and viparItha Jn~Anam and who is most 
           beautiful to look at .

           CharaNam 3: I prostrate before Sri LakshmI HayagrIvan,
           who has been worshipped well according to the rites of 
           Paancha rAthra aagamam by Swami Sri Desikan , who has 
           the amalgam of the six kalyANa guNAs of BhagavAN Himself,
           Who is the most sacred , Who is the chief officiating 
           priest at the SomA sacrifices performed by VaishNavAs ,
           who has the face of a beautiful white horse and who
           has the supreme power to retreive the VedAs after
           they were stolen by Madhu KaitapAs at the end of the Kalpam .

           OM Namo BhagavathE dharmAyAthama visOdhanAya nama:
                   OM Hayavadhana ParabrhamaNE Nama : 

           Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan