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engu suRRinum ranganaiyE vanthu sEr - part 1

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat Aug 08 1998 - 13:02:50 PDT

dear bAgwathAs,
I attempt to present my ramblings as a conversation
among my friends while visiting the divay desams we
all like. The  arguments  are never meant to insult
anyone. They are simply presented to bring a tasteful
summary. I seek the forgiveness of the Lords and thAyars
of thsi divya desam if I have crossed my limits in anyway.
Sampath Rengarajan

Early Morning: Time 4:00 IST
 Place Srirangam: East Chithra vAsal
 Kaimkarya pArALs are coming into the temple to
 prepare the mAlai for the Lord.
 A  little  later  : In sannithi  thAyAr  asks
 perumAL,  devareer, your bhakthAs in  bhakthi
 list  are  talking  about  who  is  the  most
 superior among 108 divya desams.
 No reply.
 thAyAr continues:
 Our  mAdhava  kaNNan and Venkat  already
 stood  by you and Varadhan is always  on
 your  side. Now our Rengarajan is coming
 to say something.
 perumAL: I am listening.
 thAyAr: perumAlE , What do you think who
 will win ?
 perumAL: As if you donot know it.
 thAyAr: davareer thiru uLLam yAthO ?
 perumAL: Is there any santhEkam or doubt 
 about it ?
 thAyAr : No, I have no doubt about it.
 perumAL:  So  let  us  watch  how  these
 prapannAs  are  going to  present  their
 North   Chithra   veethi   near   thAyar
 sannithi entrance. Rengarajan is  coming
 with  mAdhava  kaNNan and  Varadhan  and
 many  others.  A bakthA by  name  Murali
 stops  and asks. I heard you people  are
 coming from a long distance.
 mAdhavan:  Yes, adiyEN is  little  tired
 now  after speaking so much about  thiru
 vaay  mozhi.  (in reality  he  is  never
 tired doing this)
 Varadhan: Yes, adiyEn is tired as  well,
 trying   to   get  sufficient  financial
 support   for   the  bagawath   vishayam
 vyAkyAnam work to be carried out by  Sri
 Putthur Swami.
 Murali: May be can i ask you all  as  to
 why  you  are here when there is  heated
 debate  going  there in bhakthi  net  on
 which perumAL is superior among the  108
 dd. I already stated mine.
 Varadhan  answers: Let me say this.  Sri
 Rengarajan swamy will reply to you as to
 why we are here and I will pick up later
 from him.

Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri Ranganathan thiru
vadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

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