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The Greatness of this day : BahudhAnya Aadi UtthirAdam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Aug 06 1998 - 05:46:19 PDT

Dear Bhagavadh RaamAnuja SiddhAnthins :

This day's greatness can be understood in terms of the
three significant events converging together . 

These events are :
(1) AlavandhAr's Thirunakshthram
(2) 14th Pattam Azhagiya Singhar"s Thirunakshthram
(3 ) Bahudhaa anya ( BahudhAnya ) Samvathsara UpAkarmaa Day

As a group dedicated to Sri Bhagavadh RaamAnuja SiddhAntham ,
we have come a long way during the past few months .We have 
members from every AchArya ParamparA , who trace their roots
to Sri Bhagavadh RaamAnujA . For all that blessing , we have to
remember with gratitude AlavanthAr , who in his final year of
life on this earth gave " Nayana Dheekshai " as it were in 
Kaanchi PeraruLALan Sannidhi to young RaamAnujA 
and begged the Lord to transform student RaamAnujA 
into a great Sri VaishNava AchAryan with 
the following prayer :

yasya prasAdha kalayA bhadhira: sruNOthi 
pangu: pradhAvathi javanEchavakthi mooka :
andha: prapasyathi sutham labhathE cha 
tamm DevamEva VARADHAM  SaraNam gathOsmi 

(Meaning ) : By which Lord's grace , the deaf hears well,
the lame runs with speed , the dumb speaks fluently ,
the blind one sees very well, the infertile one gives
birth to a progeny , that Merciful boon-giving Lord Varadhan
is my refuge . I surrender unto His sacred feet( wiht
this prayer ).

Lord VaradharAjA rescued RaamAnujA from the grip
of Yadhava PrakAsA and responded to AlavandhAr's prayer 
that RaamAnujA become a SiddhAntha NirvAhakar ( Leader
of the SampradhAyam ) . Lord VaradharAjA blessed RaamAnujA 
many times later in times of trouble in observance of 
His promise to AlavandhAr . One such occasion was when He
and His dear Consort PerundEvi ThAyAr assumed the vEsham
of Hunter Couple and brought RaamAnujA back safely from 
the middle of the far away jungle to Kanchipuram , when 
the deceitful and ill-meaning Yadhava PrakAsA was plotting to kill 
RaamAnujA . Another occasion was when the compassionate Lord 
gave His famous six instructions through Thirukkacchi Nampi to
RaamAnujA , when latter was troubled by doubts . Our Lord
of Kaanchi made the final sacrifice by giving away 
RaamAnujA to Sri RanganathA .

On this blessed day sacred for the SmaraNam of AlavandhAr ,
I refer our fellow members to the postings on this great
AchAryA in the Bhakthi postings related to (1) ChathuslOki
(2) SthOthra Rathnam (3) GeethArtha Sangraham and (4) Aagama
PraamAnyam indirectly thru the recent postings on PaancharAthram
in SaraNAgathi Journal .

(2) 14th pattam Azhagiya Singhar 
He is known as PullambhUthankudi Azhagiya Singar .
His aasrama name is : Sriman NaarAyaNa Yatheendhra
MahA Desikan just as for the current HH the 45th Jeeyar,
the Second , ninth , twelfth, fourteenth , eighteenth ,
twenty second and the thirty first Ahobila Mutt Jeeyars.
He ascended the sacred peetam on October 1676 and reigned 
for nine years and ten months . He blessed us with the grantham
known as "AchArya GuNAdarsanam " to celebrate our AchAryA 
Paramparai including AlavandhAr and RaamAnujA . May the memory 
of this great AchArya cleanse our thouhts and prepare us 
for the Yaju UpAkarmA today .

(3) Yajur UpAkarmA

Number of postings are available at the Bhakthi archives
from last year Both Sriman VijayarAghavan and I have 
written extensively on the significance and procedures
there ( Aug-Sep 97 archives). Hence I wont comment more on 
this subject other than referring those postings to you .

Finally , here is a report form AnanthA Research foundation 
on the status of the AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM Project.
The project is moving briskly. I have mahA VisvAsam in 
the DayA of the Divya Dampathis and AchAryAs to enter your minds 
and to help with this Kaimkaryam and bring this Ratha Yathrai
for ANDAL that we started on Her Aadi Pooram day to Nilai.Pleae help 
with whatever samarpaNam you can make to this first of its 
kind Kaimkaryam to make Sri Bhagavadh RaamAnuja SiddhAntham 
available to all generations of Sri VaishNavAs thru the rich
tapestry of Mulrimedia-based CD ROM and an accompanying text 
respecting both the SampradhAyams .Please send your checks to
Sri Dileepan C/O Sri Ahobila Mutt or to Sri M.A, Narasimhan
at Mysore AnanthA Research Foundation . Their addresses
are available in earlier postings . 

The ongoing developmental work at Mysore and Bangalore on 
this project needs your generous support . Please write to me
about any questions that you may have on this project .
Many thanks in advance for your most neede dand welcome help .Daasan ,
>>>To: Sadagopan <>
>>>Subject: Re:
>>>Respected Swamin,
>>>Thank you for everything.  I will take all the required images from the 
>>>url-s you have suggested.  I went through the ahobila mutt and 
>>>srivaisnava home pages yesterday and got a good idea about the whole 
>>>thing.  The graphic designers have begun the work on the Aradhana 
>>>section. the photo greaphs have been scanned are being edited.  We have 
>>>given an elaborate account of the aradhana according to the Nitya Grantha 
>>>of Bhagavan Ramanuja and also acording to Sri U.Ve Rajagopalachariar's 
>>>Tiru-Aradhana Kramam, authnticated by none other than than the previous 
>>>and present Azhagiya-Singar-s. This is the update of the work.