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Re: Srirangam vs Tiruvenkatam vs Kanchi

From: Ram Gopalaswamy (
Date: Thu Aug 06 1998 - 04:12:34 PDT

Dear vaishhNava-s,

Let's not forget other deities below!

yadoktakaari (= yat+ukta+kaari ie. one who acts per speech? ).
Is not this deity the most trustworthy for the prapanna ?  

Also for the prapanna, is there any deity higher than varaaha-bhagavaan
at tiruvidaventai and shriimushhNam ? (because Lord Varaaha delivered the most
reassuring of all carama-shlokas for the prapanna.)

But for the philosophically inclined, is there any deity better than
Lord diipa-prakaasha (viLakoLi-perumaaL) Who seems to echo the vedic
phrase (tamaso maa jyotir gamaya). This perumaaL would eventually turn
the (dry?) philosopher into a prapanna and send him over to other deities?


PS: Is Lord diipa-prakaasha located at the same tuupul where our beloved
    tuupul-kulamaNi shrii vedaanta-deshika also appeared ?
    If so, was not it really Lord diipa-prakaasha (not Lord varada-raaja) who
    turned deshika over to Lord ranganaatha ?