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Parents visiting Badri

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Wed Aug 05 1998 - 16:57:18 PDT

dear bhAgavathas,

my parents will be going to India during the third week of August for a
three week visit and by His Grace, would like to include a trip to

Having lived in the US for 30 years and being slightly elderly (although
they will never admit to that:-), I think that my parents could use some
help in working out the details of the trip such that it will be a safe and
pleasurable one.  I would very much appreciate the valuable advice from
those of you who have made the journey, and some help from those of you in
India who may be able to help us in setting up transportation from New
Delhi and room and board in Badri.

Please contact me at one or both of the e-mail addresses shown below as
soon as possible if you can help us in this regard.

Thanking you in advance,