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Thiruvaaymozhi 8.9- She is for Him! Look at her tEjas! She has been blessed!

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Date: Wed Aug 05 1998 - 03:51:25 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Last ten pAsurams, AzhwAr's AthmAnubhavam was narrated. Here, AzhwAr's 
(ParangusanAyaki's) mother wants to marry her off to someone else and is 
seeking an alliance. AzhwAr's friends tell the mother the situation and 
the already "united" AzhwAr's state with Emperumaan of Thiruppuliyoor. 
They further press the mother to marry her off only to Thirupuliyoor 
Emperumaan for she deserves to be united with only Him. Here AzhwAr's 
"ananyaarha sEshathvam" (not  belonging to any one else but to 
Emperumaan alone) is nicely brought out by AzhwAr.

1. Emperumaan is so beautifully showing Himself with those bright, 
ornaments. On top of the huge, black Emerald mountain, it looks like the 
lotus pond in which beautiful lotus flowers are just bloomed, when one 
looks at His Divya mangaLa ThirumEni (Body), and His Hands, Chest, 
Navel, Feet, Palms, Eyes, and His dress. Such a "sundharan" (Beauty) is 
present at Thirupuliyoor. Our dear friend, our Devi is not uttering any 
other name except His. Oh Mother! What else to say?

2. Oh Mothers! He appears as if there is a Brightest Sun is surrounded 
by more lustrous stars on top of mEru mountain; (comparing His crown, 
Hairs, and necklace and other ornaments). Such Beautiful Swami, is here 
at Thirupuliyoor. This friend of ours, is ALWAYS in praise of that Lord 
only. What can we do?

3. What a show when Emperumaan destroyed the asurAs in the battle field! 
It is like the big huge ocean getting fire and the fire moves on top of 
the sea, when one sees the way ChakrAyudham and His other weapons are 
used in the battle with such swift movements by Emperumaan effortlessly. 
Such a valorous Lord is at Thiruppuliyoor and Our friend has been 
talking only about Him day in and day out.

4. This Thirppuliyoor is the most fertile land. Emperumaan at this 
place, is showing Himself so gracefully; He is the One who retained all 
three worlds during MahApraLayam to protect the universe. This girl is 
wearing His names as her ornaments and is ecstatic about her love for 

5. The moment one looks at this girl, they can realise that she has 
fallen in love with that Thiruppuliyoor Emperumaan and has become the 
recipient of His mercy. Look at her dress and ornaments! (C'mon! they 
are not new!) They look so fresh and so lovely! Look at her face! What 
brightness! What a tEjas! Do you think it is possible in her just like 
that? The reason is Thiruppuliyoor Emperumaan's grace and dayA is on 
her. That Emperumaan is the Sarveshwaran who saves all three worlds. She 
is immersed in His thinking.

6. It is very conspicuous that she is completely attracted by 
Emperumaan's benevolent nature. She is always deeply in her thinking on 
this Thiruppuliyoor Emperumaan's grace and kindness. Do you know how it 
is so clear and visible in her? Look at her lips! They are so reddish 
like the BimbhA fruit and are like the betel nut fruit (Paakku mara 
pazham?). (It is crystal clear that she is for Him).

7. Thiruppuliyyor is full of cool trees of banana (with lots of fruits) 
and there are large number of betel leaf creepers even surrounding these 
banana trees. There are lots of coconut trees even at Thiruppuliyyor. 
And in such a fertile, cool, beautiful place, Our dearest KaNNapiraan is 
present, whose Feet, this girl has already reached.

8. Oh Mothers! What can I say about her state of affairs? At 
Thiruppuliyoor, the Vedic Scholars and Brahmins are performing Yaaghams. 
The fragrant smoke that emanates fill the sky there. (and even Deva 
lOkam). There Sarveshwaran is showing Himself. This girl is NOT talking 
anything else EXCEPT ALL ABOUT HIM.

9. The Vedic hymns are recited at Thiruppuliyyor and that Veda Naadham 
is heard bigger than that of the Ocean waves. At such a holy place, the 
Lotus ponds are so beautiful with flowers appearing as if there are 
lamps in the middle of the pond. The SarvEshwaran, cloud coloured Lord 
kaNNa Piraan is showing Himself at Thiruppuliyoor. And This girl is NOT 
talking anything else at anythime. (She will never talk anything else.)

10. It is distinctly seen that she has fallen for Thiruppuliyoor 
Emperumaan and has been blessed by Him. Can you not smell that fragrant 
Thirutthuzhaay smell from her body? She has received His mercy and we 
don't need any other proof for that. This girl has fallen for 
Thiruppuliyoor Emperumaan and she has been blessed by Him already. 

11. Sarveshawan alone is the Chief of ALL THREE WORLDS. (No one else.) 
Sri SadagOpar is the servant of servants of servants of servants of 
servants of that Emaperumaan - SarvEshwaran. Those who read these ten 
(out of Sri SadgOpar's 1000 pAsurams on Emperumaan) WILL BE BLESSED TO 

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadiagaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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