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Re: tondar-adi-podi azhwAr

From: Ram Gopalaswamy (
Date: Tue Aug 04 1998 - 05:41:03 PDT

> [Re: arangam vs. thirumalai vs. thiru-kacci -- this article
>     is also be taken in a lighthearted vein!]

> This is lovely discussion initiated by Srimaan Dileepan.
> All points raised about the "best" perumaaL have so far 
> focussed on the number of paasurams, aazhvaars, etc. While
> these are worthy points to consider, should we not think of
> what our dear Ramanuja himself preferred? Unforunately for
> all you Tamil Nadu natives, the kOyil of choice is 
> Karnataka's "thirunaaraayaNa-puram / yadugiri / mElkottai", 
> the home of lord selva piLLai.  And it is not even a divya 
> desam! It was this place that showered its love on Ramanuja 
> in his time of crisis.
> Ramanuja counselled those who could not follow any other
> commandment of his to "at least build a small hut and live
> in thirunaaraayaNa-puram".  Dare we disagree with the great
> acharya? 
> Lest we forget, bhaagavatas from thirunaaraayaNa-puram 
> were instrumental in recovering the thiruvaaymozhi.  nAthamuni
> overheard a group from mElkottai recite the "aaraavamudhE" 
> thiruvaaymozhi in thirukkudandhai and consequently made
> it his life's quest to recover, preserve, and propagate
> the prabandham!
> emberumaanaar thiruvadigaLE SaraNam
> thondaradippodi aazhvaar thiruvadigaLE SaraNam
> SrIranga-mangaLa-maNim karuNAnivAsam
>   SrIvenkaTAdri-SikharAlaya-kAlamegham |
> SrIhastiSaila-Sikharojjvala-pArijAtam
>   SrISam-namAmi SirasA yaduSaila-dIpam ||
> Mani

Well. Isnt _only_ raN^ganaatha described here as "karuNaa-nivaasaM" 
(abode of mercy). Would not that make shriiraN^gaM the best temple ?

Also, of all temples, is not shriiraN^gaM revered as bhuuloka-vaikuNTaM ?


PS:- BTW, can someone please explain meaning of rest of the sholka above
     quoted by shrii Mani ?
     Also, what is meaning of "raN^ga" as in raN^ganaatha ?