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No! My PerumAl only is "osatthi".

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 22:12:45 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Thanks to our dear Sri Dileepan for having asked beautiful query as to 
we like Srirangam or Thirumalai. (followed by Kacchi, RamanujA's 
favourite ThirunaaraayaNapuram- and yet to come from Sri SR, Sri VS on 
than oppAril appan- K.K Anand's ThiruvevvuL, Many others' Thiru 
allkkENi, I need to write all 108 Divya Desams )

For me, it is Thiru arangan, who is reclining so majestically at 

As vouched by ThirupaaNAzhwAr, "Lord Ranganatha is the Overlord (Supreme 
Sovereign) of the whole world and all the people (residing there); Him- 
who is of the black colour of the clouds as well as the nature of the 
clouds; who, as Lord Gopala (KOvala alias KrishNa), ate butter with His 
mouth; who has stolen my mind and heart; and who is my immortal 
ambrosia-; my eyes that have looked at His beauty; (I swear) these eyes 
of mine, that have seen Him ,will Never see anything else." 

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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