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Dayaa Sathakam (41-50)
Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 19:59:51 PDT

                     Srimaan Venkatanaathaaryaha kavithaarkika kesari|
                  Vedanthaachaaryavaryome sannidhaththaam sadhaa hrudi||

Dear Bhaagavathaas,

"Daivaadheenam jagathsarvam". God is the basis of all. And Love  is the basis
of God. How beautiful, blissful and peaceful it is to experience this love!
Our dearest Swami Desikan gives a glimpse of his experience in Daya Sathakam.
With my most humble and loving  namaskaarams to the achaarya and to Sriya:
pathi, may I share the following summary translation with you, in postings
comprising about ten slokas at a time. (This posting includes slokams 41-50)

The translation is based on the commentary and explanations by Sri Srinivasa
Raghavacharyar Swami, published in the Tamil book, Daya Sathakam, by the Sri
Desika Dharsana Sabhai, Villivaakkam, Madras. Sri Srinivasa Raghavacharyar
Swami says that the Daya Sathakam is a sastra, sthothra, poem, painting, an
endless spring of water and an illumining light. My prayers to Sriman Narayana
for everyone of us to follow in the footsteps of our acharyas,  practice what
they illustrated with their conduct and experience the Love of the Lord
(rasovai saha) that they experienced.

All errors are your humble servantís.

Sundararaghavan Krishnaswami Sarma

                                                 Dayaa Sathakam
                                                  (Slokams 41 - 50)

41.  O The Love of Lord Venkatesa! Even Brahma, endowed with the five
attributes for Creation  (power to command the world, esteem, wealth,
servitude and a kingdom to rule) is not able to execute his duties well by
himself because these attributes are useless unless embraced by the love that
you are. The jnaanis who realize this truth surrender to you!

42.  O The Love of Lord Venkatesa! In this world, Indrapalam, Brahmapalam are
held in high esteem and considered as worthy goals. But they are just other
(deceptive) forms of  experiences bringing pain in their wake, because they
are temporary. So, discarding these, and wanting to hold on to that that is
permanent and certain, the seekers pray to be born as anything at all on
Thirumala Hills and obtain the kataaksham of Lord Venkatesa who is embraced by

43.  O The Love of Lord Venkatesa!  Lord Srinivasa, who is beautiful as the
flower, who shines as the Neelothpala flower, who is sought by the determined,
who is divine and who is vast, has taken abode as your personification on
Thirumala Hill.

44.  O The Lord of Lord Venkatesa! The Lord whose Grace (prayer to whom) makes
all the worldly comforts irrelevant, has manifested Himself as Nidhi on the
Anjana Hill. The Azhwars and other blessed souls are immersed in the
experience of Him.

45.  O The Love of Lord Venkatesa! From the ocean called Sri Srinivasan you
rise up and manifest its essence as the cloud of daya giving the rain of good

46.  O The Love of Lord Venkatesa! The ocean of the cycle of birth and death
is very powerful indeed. Men and women keep drowning in it. You need to pull
them out of the ocean by giving them a hand. Your commands are strict. As a
result of this, the Vedas have taken birth.

47.  O The Love of Lord Venkatesa! To clarify and teach those who worship the
learned  and who cultivate sacred thoughts without confusion, you have created
the sasstraas. You have also created the rules of delusion (maaya saastraa).

48.  O The Love of Lord Venkatesa! Some people take up residence on Thirumala
Hill due to your Grace. When they, again with your Grace, say, "Swami! Protect
me!" and when they breathe their last, then the Lord who is attached to you,
replies with the pranava "Om" in affirmation.

49.  O The Love of Lord Venkatesa! You are the inseparable friend of the look
of Lord Srinivasanís eyes (dhrishti). This dhrishti is comfortingly attractive
and supreme. If one can earn this just once, that is adequate for him to repay
the debts owed to the gods and to free himself from the shackles of the
worldly life. The angels serve him in every way.

50.  O The Love of Lord Venkatesa! You shower you grace through your looks.
Whomsoever you look at, they all reach the abode of Thiruvenkatamudaiyan
promptly. Many sinners have been graced thus. Without your grace, even the
world-teachers like Brahma and Siva discharging their allotted duties cannot
reach the abode of Thiruvenkatamudaiyan. It is but natural that the mother
attends to the deficient child more. Like this, I think you shower your grace
more on me.

                                      Kavithaarkika simhaaya kalyaana guna
                        		Srimathe Venkatesaya vedaantha guravennamaha||